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Easy way to rile up Kenn Gividen: Take him off your blogroll

Filed By Alex Blaze | July 17, 2007 2:34 PM | comments

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Well, TBP is really hitting the big time. We now have the American Taliban out there writing entire blog posts responding to our site in general. Several months ago, we found out that the illustrious linked us, but they only gave a one sentence, nonsensical response. This latest post is from Kenn Gividen, and it's a several paragraph, nonsensical response.

The long and short of it is that he doesn't like himself the gays all that much, doesn't like the idea of hate crimes legislation, and really doesn't like Bilerico (he's probably still mad that he isn't on our blogroll anymore). Kenn Gividen, you might remember, ran for governor of Indiana a while back and now runs a local libertarian blog. He says there:

The post you are reading at this moment could be deemed to cause mental anguish to the publishers of and would, therefore, be illegal.

Well, it caused me some mental anguish, but I was more anguished as a writer than as a queer.

The post is ostensibly about the hate crimes bill going to the Senate right now and a response to this post by Bilerico contributor Pam Spaulding. Gividen is worried about it eroding free speech, even though the biggest free speech nuts in the country aren't worried about that, even though it only enhances sentencing on actions that are already deemed property or violent crimes, not blog posts, and even though his only examples of hate crimes legislation eroding free speech are from other countries with different legal histories and different laws. He writes:

The crucial phrase "bodily injury" can mean ANY DISCOMFORT including mental anguish.

It is undefined. Based on other federal statutes and regulations also using this term, it can mean ANY DISCOMFORT including mental anguish. Under the terms of the Act, a person may not cause bodily injury because of sexual orientation.

In other words, the post you are reading at this moment could be deemed to cause mental anguish to the publishers of and would, therefore, be illegal.

I face all sorts of anguish all the time, often from homophobes who write in all caps, but that doesn't and won't make any of them illegal. The law won't make anything that wasn't a crime into a crime, it just changes sentencing standards.

But Kenn isn't really all that concerned with the bill. He starts out by writing:

First come the slurs...

Fundie follies, homobigoted, black pastor puppets.

Then comes the disinformation...

The presumption that the Kennedy-Smith hate crimes prevention amendment is a reasonable means of insuring free speech and civil rights.

(I does neither.)

The above can be found on the anti-liberty, pro-homosexual website, At issue is legislation now pending in the United States Senate that would erode free speech.

Yes, we are pretty pro-homosexual here. Sorry, Kenn, but we don't hate ourselves and we aren't going to just die or disappear like you want us to.

I do like how he set up his blog post as an FAQ, though. I think that move did well to dispel lingering rumors that there were any professional writers working at his site. Consider question 5:

5 - Does champion free speech?

Earlier this Spring Bilerico was one of two blogs that banned this libertarian site from its blog role for telling the truth about serious health risks associated with the gay lifestyle.

While this is probably the heart of the issue, that we removed him from the blogroll because of his fantasies of mass gay death, I think that our stance on free speech is already pretty damn inclusive. We're a blog, and we don't have to represent every point of view, in fact there are some points of view that we won't ever represent here, but we do have a couple of contributors who are against the hate crimes bill and have had the opportunity to post their thoughts on this site.

But it really all comes down to Bil. Kenn says:

Has it occured to Bil that his anti-Christian remarks constitute hate speech?

Read Bil's rage in context here

Well, I can say lots of things about Bil and use lots of words to describe him, but "rage" isn't one of them. "Often tries to pawn work off on Alex, like this very blog post" would definitely describe him, but not "rage".

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*grins* Hey, now. I almost tore the wig off Gloria Gaynor, didn't I? I mean - it was a rage! Geez, lighten up Kenn.

The most amusing part to me is that he obviously continues to stop by and read our stuff. Maybe we should make him a special "Our 1st Troll" t-shirt? I've heard from others that he links to us pretty regularly for rants, but even Technorati doesn't pick up his ramblings, so I wasn't aware. After all, I don't visit his site! LOL

The best part though? He tries to de-bunk Snopes. Seriously. That is a laugh riot! The one spot on the internet that tries to give you the unvarnished truth - and flat out says that Gividen's full of shit about the lies he's spreading - and he thinks they're part of the vast homosexual agenda. Whatever. Get a life, Kenn.

I de-listed ol' Kenn a while ago. His posts don't make any sense, and he long ago passed from Somewhat Politically Relevant Status into the People You Laugh At, Not With Category.

I can't remember if he threw a fit when I took him off the TDW blogroll. It probably got stuck in my spam filter, which I have set to catch nonsensical rants from nutty political has-beens.

Kevin Lahti | July 17, 2007 4:46 PM

so his point is... "were bad people but you are too.."

At least he is a regular reader and seeing our opinions.. He's still another Informed citizen this way...

Didn't you realize, Jen? You're the other blog he references when he says:

Earlier this Spring Bilerico was one of two blogs that banned this libertarian site from its blog role for telling the truth about serious health risks associated with the gay lifestyle.

Yup, Bilerico and Taking Down Words. Damn shame we won't tolerate intolerance, eh?

I'm just mad because I removed him after you two, and didn't get any credit at all.

You think he has much of a relationship with his gay son with this kind of tolerance?

Kenn responds!

Here's what he says:

The good folks at seem to have missed the point of the post I offered two days ago.

In short...

• The central point of my previous post focused on a measure in the US Senate that would allow criticism of the gay lifestyle to be punishable as a hate crime. A post by supported the anti-free speech legislation; I do not.

• On the one hand the site rails against anti-gay bigotry, but hypocritically indulges in anti-Christian slurs. I believe that anti-gay and anti-Christian hate speech is equally wrong.

Read their Kenn-bashing comments here:

It's funny because I did respond to his free speech argument and I can't think of when anyone here was "anti-Christian".

But you know what really bothers me? He responds to Bil's stuff specifically, but when I write something up it's " supported" or "the good folks at". Do I exist? Can anyone hear me? Does anyone know that I'm alive? Why is it always Bil, Bil, Bil!

I wondered that about his earlier post, Alex. He didn't say that the first quotes came from Pam even though he didn't mention anyone directly. Then when it came time for me, I got a named mention. It's also kind of odd the way he uses Bilerico. It seems like Bilerico is Pam, Me, Alex and the website all in one.