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Hate crime fundie follies

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Here's a fun video of homobigoted pastors rallying on Capitol Hill against hate crimes legislation on Wednesday. Lies upon lies.

Rusty Lee Thomas, who's mentioned in an earlier post, is seen bleating this winner:

"Yes, I dare state that there is a direct connection between the sins and crimes of abortion and the sodomite agenda and the Islamic terrorism that threatens our nation."

Another outlandish quote is below the fold.

As expected, black pastor puppets are also prominently featured.

Rev. Johnny Hunter of the Life Education and Resource Network:

"Pastors not only have a right, but they have an obligation to state emphatically that according to scripture, a man or a woman should not perform a sex act with a person of the same sex...nor with a dog...nor with a snake...nor with a hamster or any other creature."


Incidentally, the ACLU has a letter of support for the Kennedy-Smith hate crimes prevention amendment to the Defense Department authorization bill up on its site that should be sent along to these bible beaters.

In fact, we are pleased that Senators Kennedy and Smith and 42 other cosponsors included in the free-standing hate crimes bill--and in the Kennedy-Smith amendment, which has language that is identical to the text of the bill--has a new evidentiary section that will be the strongest protection against the misuse of a person's free speech that Congress has enacted as part of the federal criminal code.  No other section of the criminal code has an explicit provision prohibiting the use of a defendant's speech or association unless it was specifically related to the violent crime.  This extraordinary and unprecedented provision will ensure that the hate crimes legislation will not chill constitutionally protected speech or association.
And on Thursday, 14 co-sponsors were added:
On 07/12/2007, at the request of Mr. KENNEDY, the names of the Senator from Vermont (Mr. LEAHY), the Senator from Pennsylvania (Mr. SPECTER), the Senator from New Jersey (Mr. MENENDEZ), the Senator from Connecticut (Mr. DODD), the Senator from Maine (Ms. COLLINS), the Senator from Indiana (Mr. BAYH), the Senator from Colorado (Mr. SALAZAR), the Senator from Massachusetts (Mr. KERRY), the Senator from New Mexico (Mr. BINGAMAN), the Senator from Illinois (Mr. OBAMA), the Senator from New York (Mrs. CLINTON), the Senator from Maine (Ms. SNOWE), the Senator from Washington (Mrs. MURRAY) and the Senator from Rhode Island (Mr. REED) were added as cosponsors of amendment No. to H.R. 1585, DOD auth., that would add a new section 1070 on hate crimes (the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007). 

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Kevin Lahti | July 14, 2007 9:29 PM

I find it ironic that one of them says that they have the right to call it an abomination.. By his logic then we also have the right to demand protection by the same government.. Kind of funny how that works..

A. J. Lopp | July 15, 2007 1:44 AM

Notice the re-appearance of a timely term in that phrase, "the sodomite agenda" --- to borrow a neologism from Cornel West, clearly the word "sodomite" is the Religious Right's preferred niggerism of the day to be used to demonize gay men and lesbians.

Still, I find my views continuing to shift regarding that family of terms. "Sodomite zeitgeist" can be fun to use in a sarcastic way, and having our influence in high places become labeled recently as "Big Sodomy" is something of a hoot.

Sometimes it is actually a bit fun to be a bogeyman. If you don't get killed over it --- and that, indeed, is the very question at hand.