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Is This What Republicans Are Afraid Of?

Filed By Michael Crawford | July 30, 2007 8:35 AM | comments

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I have written here, here and here about the attempts by Republican presidential candidates to weasel out of the CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Romney is claiming that answering questions in this format is beneath him, Guiliani is claiming scheduling conflicts.

So far, only Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson and John McCain have agreed to participate, all of the Democratic candidates appear at the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate.

Are questions like this one from a closeted gay soldier serving in Iraq what Romney, Guiliani and the others really afraid of?

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Jen Jorczak | July 30, 2007 9:57 AM

Answering questions directly posed by actual Americans is BENEATH Mitt Romney? What's he running for--President or Emporer?

Kudos to this soldier, who despite his fear of being outed, is showing more bravery in so eloquently, if silently, submitting his question--not to mention in his service--than the entire lot of candidates.

How funny, Jen. That's the part that pisses me off too. Romney seems to forget that "the people" are his bosses, eh?

And you know damn good and well that having to deal with "the people's" talking points instead of their own is why the Republicans don't want to attend this debate. God knows what they'll ask! It might be pertinent!

I'd really like to see these people get asked some questions by real people. Sure, the folks at CNN will be picking them out and have lots of control over what gets asked, but the vid above is a whole lot better way to ask the question than having having Wolf ask each candidate if they think DADT is "working", whatever that means.

He probably doesn't want to participate because he doesn't know what Youtube is let alone how it works. What an ASSHOLE!