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Holsinger has changed his ways

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James Holsinger had his confirmation hearing in the Senate today. Here's a bit of his opening statement:

Since my nomination on May 24, there have been several statements made about me. Questions have been raised about my faith and about my commitment to ensuring the health and welfare of all Americans, including gay and lesbian Americans.

I am deeply troubled by these claims, which do not reflect who I am, what I believe or the work I have accomplished in over 40 years of practicing medicine. ... Let me be clear — I have a profound respect for the essential human dignity of all people regardless of background or sexual orientation.

Ted Kennedy Asked him about "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality", and he responded:

"The paper does not represent where I am today," Holsinger said in response.

He said the paper was not a published scientific paper and was never meant to be distributed beyond a few people on the committee. He said the report is not representative of his scientific work, and urged committee members to read his published scientific work.

Well, I suppose we should have expected this one, Holsinger changing his song right about now. It wasn't just about "Pathophysiology", Bil had a round-up of some of his other homophobic moves, including voting against allowing a gay man to join his church, leaving his place on the Methodists' Committee to Study Homosexuality because he thought it was too gay-friendly in 1990, and co-founding an ex-gay camp.

This is a pretty huge turn-around without much evidence of it being real. I'm not convinced.

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Jen Jorczak | July 12, 2007 6:27 PM

Yeah, Holsinger's about as believeable as Roberts and Alito were when they said they agreed that Roe was "settled law" and that they would "respect precedent". I can only hope that Senate will learn from past mistakes.

Kevin Lahti | July 12, 2007 6:48 PM

Regardless of whether it was a scientific paper or not.. He should still have approached the paper as a scientific paper.. Or at least with a little professionalism now this may be just because I only have a few years of college under my belt but last time I checked professional papers dont usually relate a "lifestyle" to industrial standards for plumbing.. just a theory though dont quote me for it..

Sure he's willing to leave the anti gay ministry he helped to found, but they would still be peddling their gay to straight therapy..while he could potential tell the american people that their is absolutely nothing wrong with these therapies and in fact encourage them. To say that the argument is not convincing is not enough, I fail to see how he could be considered for even an instant in a politicians mind if in fact the goal of joining the political scene is to improve our society on a whole, regardless of their own opinions...