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Kenn's site is down

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Yesterday I responded to one of Kenn Gividen's homophobic rants on his blog. He responded to my post later that night, and I copied it to the comments section of that same post here at TBP.

Well, I just went to check to see if the man had another response up to our "pro-homosexual" blog up at his site, and guess what I got? A little love note from Google saying:

Page Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance.

Oops! OK, so I checked with Bil to make sure that it wasn't just my IP address that got banned or something, and now I have a few theories on what could have happened to Kenn:

  1. He got so mad at/saddened by/annoyed with my response to him that he took down his site.
  2. Someone flagged his blog as inappropriate because of all of his fantasies of mass gay death and Google took it down.
  3. He was already going to give up blogging on this the thirtieth anniversary of Vietnam joining the UN, and everything else is just a coincidence.
What's the truth? You decide!

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Just doing a little checking up...

Kenn has used so many different services and URLs at one point or another that I thought I might as well do a thorough check. isn't around anymore - it's a search site now. His Blogspot address doesn't show anything - just an error message.

BUT - shows you this message: "This blog has been deleted. I've committed blogicide."

Wonder what's up with our favorite former leader of the Indiana Moral Majority?

As another follow up...

The Indiana Family Institute blog, Veritas Rex (oh the irony!), has a post up today referencing the Kenn vs Bilerico history. (Again, I get all the credit - even though I wrote none of the posts they link to. And none of the posts Kenn linked to either!)

I clicked their link to Kenn's blog and was surprisingly redirected to Angry White Boy - another Indiana conservative blog. In the comments section of Veritas Rex, Kenn has left the following comment:

Thanks for the kind compliments, but I deleted the blog this afternoon; something akin to pouring liquor down the drain.

It was consuming too much time.

It's such a shame Kenn didn't have time to spew more nut-wing lunacy, isn't it? Apparently making up all those "facts" just takes too long... Oh well, I'm sure Veritas will make some good joke fodder instead.

But I have to say, I'm sorry to see AWB getting involved in the mess. He runs a much better blog (for a conservative!) than Kenn could ever dream of. It's like watching Apple buy out and swallow up Dell; the quality is so much lower that it wouldn't improve the buyer in the least. Let's hope he doesn't let Kenn start "blogging" over there; it won't improve his site at all.

There's no way I would let him in on my Blog. I only grabbed the URL so he couldn't use it again.

Have fun! - AWB

Bil, (not is forwarded to our friends at

And, yes, "I'm sure Veritas will make some good joke fodder instead."

If you change your mind and care to pursue serious discussion, please let me know.


ps - is also misspelled. Try