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I realize that posts from me on LGBTQ topics have gone south for the past few days - and it'll probably be that way for most of this week. But with entries from Alex, Mattilda, Jessica Hoffmann, Marti Abernathey, and Mike Rogers yesterday, who needed me?! Plus, today we already have a new Ask Michele column, another installment of What The Buck?!, today's Homotextual and a new Town Called Dobson strip. (It's kind of humorous... Now that we've moved the regular features out of the blog column, suddenly I can't count on those to fill up some space!)

So what can you look forward to the rest of this week? All kinds of cool stuff! First off, we'll be running a contest on Thursday for an autographed Margaret Cho poster and a free t-shirt from our advertiser SLINC. Be sure to visit their store and click around to see which one you'll pick if you win! (Or buy if you don't! *grins*) The poster was donated for our re-launch by here! networks TV. They've also donated some larger prizes for next week's official grand opening.

Plus, you'll get content by blogging superstars Pam Spaulding, Lane Hudson and Terrance Heath. More toons from Storm (You should see the strip he drew just for our official re-launch!), Buck's hilarious take on pop culture, and all the rest of the regular features will also be on the site - PLUS blog posts from your standard crew and some of the new folks!

You can also expect to see the site undergoing some more transformations. We meant it when we said "beta week." If you see something you love or hate, leave it in the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate. And if you see something screwed up, you should definitely tell us so! New containers will be added with even more content and related links, some functionality will be improved and things will get tidied up considerably.

Our traffic is already up even though we haven't officially announced our re-launch. In fact, traffic for yesterday was up over 3 times what it was for the weekend. We've been named PageOneQ's Reader's Choice and have watched the buzz start building via staffers at more mainstream media outlets like the Huffington Post, the Washington Blade and the Advocate. One way you can help to grow the chatter around The Bilerico Project in anticipation of next week's throw-open-the-doors-we're-having-a-party blowout is to simply e-mail a friend. Nothing says "This site is worth visiting!" like a personal recommendation. If you like what you see, tell someone else. Help us to build the community you want to see!

Okay - I'm back to work on the back-end of the site. Stick around and poke into the corners. And tell us what you think... Please use this post for any new comments about bugs, etc.

And thanks for checking out The Bilerico Project.

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Great new site Bil! Congratulations! Two things that come to mind - first - it would be nice if the blogger's name was listed when you first look at the post. The way it is now, you have to open the site to see who is writing it. I'd like to know up-front who the author is.

Second, when you do open the post and then go back, the page starts at the beginning again. It would be good if you could go back to where you were so you wouldn't have to scroll all the way down again.

These are just logistical things - not a criticism of the site itself! You're doing a great job!!!! Thanks!

I'm sorry, Annette. I don't understand what you're trying to say. Each post - each entry page - and each RSS entry - all have the name of the contributor underneath the title and a picture of the contributor as well.

As for the "after the jump" dropdown, we have that one on the list already. :) Good eye!