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Mexican People Are The New Gay

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Bill O'Reilly on "Mexican people:"

"But, you know, look, I think most Americans, despite the heated rhetoric on this issue, most people watching us right now, Mr. Bermudez, don't want to hurt any poor Mexican people. They don't want to hurt them.

You know, they want to know who they are. They want to know where they are, what they're doing. They don't want them clustering in neighborhoods and changing the tempo of the whole neighborhood."

Bill O'Reilly on gay people attending "Gay Night" at a baseball game:

"But you are focusing in and putting more homosexuals into an area. OK? See, that's the problem. I mean, nobody objects to homosexuals going to baseball games. That's un-American to do that.

But if you're going to cluster them in on a promotion night -- and I don't even object to that, but I do object to, and I think it's insane, giving a hat giveaway for any kid under 12 gets a hat. Why would you do this on the same night?"

"You saw -- we already showed you the video. Most gays did behave properly, but some were exhibitionistic, sir. And whenever you cluster a group like that, you're going to have some of those people. You know that."

H/T to Media Matters

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Both of our groups are seen as a threat to the status quo. In local organizing I've often advocated that we should be engaging the Latino communities since we often share the same foes - conservative Republicans that want to use us for any profit we might generate while still denigrating us a less than them.

This is all about scapegoating.... ya know, those of us in the LGBT community have screwed up the American family, and now the immigrants from Mexico are screwing up American neighborhoods.

This is nothing more than a finger pointing tactic, packaged and sold to the American people in an attempt to keep people focused on and pissed off at anything other than all of the ways this administration is failing all of us.

How can we be outraged, when we're busy hating our neighbors?

One more thing... this is one very good example of how sectioning ourselves off into "groups" can be extremely negative... it makes it that much easier for the man behind the curtain to use us as political scapegoats.