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Mitt Romney won't kill you, but he sees where those who would are coming from

Filed By Alex Blaze | July 05, 2007 3:15 PM | comments

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In case you needed any more proof that the pro-life movement has little to do with actually promoting life (in the same way that the "traditional values" movement has little to do with tradition or values), here's a few words from presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

If there is a circumstance where the life of the mother is at risk by virtue of proceeding with the pregnancy, then abortion in that case is acceptable. I do not believe it is immoral in that case. I know other people feel differently.

Well, isn't that generous. I can only read that as: "If you're going to die, I suppose you can have a procedure to stay alive. But I respect those who would just push you off a cliff instead."

(h/t Feministing)

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Jen Jorczak | July 5, 2007 3:44 PM

Technically, Alex, that's "I respect those who would cut the fetus out of you, push you off a cliff, spend millions on NICU services as the baby grows to a size & strength where it can breathe and eat on its own, then dump the kid into foster care for the next 18 years."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! This is why I'm always worried about stepping on your territory, Jen. You do it a whole lot better than I do.