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Sony's starting a new TV judge show on September 10 - Judge David Young, TV's second gay judge. Check out the link for a trailer (sound starts right when you load up the page).

The advertising material presents him as femmy ("Known for his fierce intelligence and occasional bursts into show tunes"), which is totally cool that a man who performs outside of mainstream masculinity is getting daytime TV time in a respectable position.

Go and check it out.... What do you all think about "Judge David Young: Justice with a Snap"?

(h/t Faggoty-ass Faggot)

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Two snaps up.


I just couldn't resist that.

My favorite part of his bio was this:

He sits on the board of the Miami-Dade Humane Society and devotes time to many animal rescue initiatives. He is also an avid collector of penguins and has over 1,000 as a tribute to the character in the "Batman" television series. He is also a member of Weight Watchers and attends weekly meetings. Young lives in Miami with his partner of 12 years, Judge Scott Bernstein, and their Cairn poodle mix dog named Maggie.

What the hell? Where does he keep all those penguins?!? And the dog gets a name but the penguins don't? You know all those stuffed animals and figurines all have different names... "And this is Chilly Willy, this is Icicle, this is Popsicle, and this special guy here is Dudley."

Oh, I've got to stop. I'm killing me...

Oh Bil, why do you work in politics? You def should go into comedy. :)