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Peter LaBarbera uses young man's death for cheap political points

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Peter LaBarbera has really hit rock-bottom here. I'm not going to link to his latest tantrum because it'll just improve his Google rank, and fortunately Jim Burroway has put it all together on his blog. From Jim:

Peter LaBarbera is upset that Dr. James Holsinger's nomination for Surgeon General hasn't gone the way he had hoped. In his latest shrieking screed, parts of which are directed toward me, LaBarbera withdraws his support for Holsinger's nomination, and blames Holsinger's shortcomings on "homosexual activists (who) threw everything but the kitchen sink at the doctor's 1991 paper," singling out yours truly by name.

As you may remember from last week, Holsinger said that "Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality", his old scientifesque paper on plumbing, isn't where he is now.

Whether Holsinger is telling the truth is neither here nor there to Peter, who is now saying that a young man named Russell Groff who died of a staph infection instead died of complications related to AIDS and that that somehow shows that Holsinger was right back in '91 (even though Holsinger didn't focus much on disease in that paper - he was mostly concerned with plumbing).

A friend posted a tribute to Groff's life, and Peter linked to it to show how devastating the homosexual lifestyle can be, causing that friend to take it down. The site now says:

I have deleted content from my web page because I learned that someone was using it to further a cause I DO NOT believe in. I will not allow my love and compassion to be twisted into anything else. I will no longer add anything to this site for fear of its misuse. Thank you.

That someone was Peter LaBarbera.

So it's kind of stunning to think that he would use a tribute to someone's life as a way to score some political points (however much he lies about it). This is in the territory of the Fred Phelps, who Peter once said he thought was a "gay plant" because he's such a caricature of homophobia. Well, Peter, by using a tribute to someone's death just to get a homophobic, political message across, you're doing the same thing that the Westboro Baptist Church does when it protests people's funerals.

Jeremy Hooper, who knew Groff, has a tribute up to Groff on his site, and a plea for help as his partner is fighting a legal battle against Groff's homophobic parents who are trying to move his body.

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