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The Real Jock debate

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Okay, contrary to popular belief around my homestead, I do occasionally listen to others. *grins* Several of you have written e-mails or left comments (or in Mattilda's case, posted) about the Real Jock ads that have been popping up all over The Bilerico Project. Some of you like them, some don't. They are Google ads and while we can't ask for certain ads, we can say certain sites can't advertise here. So, if you really want them gone that much, we'll ban them. But - and here's the crux of the problem - we have never had such a popular ad on the site. They are the most clicked ad we've ever had.

So - I'm putting it up to a vote. Do you want them to stay? Or do you want them to go? And be honest here - if you've clicked through on one of the ads, then they were effective. That would be a reason for them to stay - they caught your attention enough to send us a few pennies. If you find them offensive, in bad taste, or for whatever reason, then by all means say no. But... Leave us a comment and tell us why you voted the way you did.

You'll find the poll after the jump. This is a community, so now is the chance to have your say!

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Let's lighten up a bit here. The ad is no big deal. No I haven't clicked it but that's because I am a cheap bastard who figures I'll have to pay for goodies. If it generates a little money for the site that is a good thing. I understand the feelings about playing into stereotypes and pre-occupation with a six pack but let's not pretend that even the most evolved of us don't appreciate a pretty face or six pack or ?!

It earns Bilerico some cash, and what's the downside? If it's not your thing, don't look and don't click.

Hell, I even clicked on the ad!

Kevin Lahti | July 16, 2007 7:40 PM

I too have clicked.. and it could be a worse advert...

Well, I'll speak up. :) I have no issue with the ads themselves; I just wish they wouldn't show up so close to the masthead. I primarily read Bilerico from my RSS reader at work, and it presents a bit of a problem when trying to load the page around nosy co-workers.

That's all. I know it sounds prudish of me, but honestly, it's not.

I wondered when we were going to get someone on here to advocate for removal! Thanks for speaking up, Kaj. That's a very valid criticism. Let's hear from some of the others... Even today's Joe.My.God. post about the re-launch of TBP mentions the ads in the very first comment. I know you're out there! Speak up! (And vote!)

A. J. Lopp | July 16, 2007 8:48 PM

Awww! C'mon Bil! You run a GLBT blog and you act surprised when the ad with the serious beefcake gets the most clicks??!! Wow, who'da thunk it?!

We live in a capitalist world, and if it brings in some money, I won't complain ... but myself I've never actually gotten to the point of clicking on the ad, 'cause every time I look at it I get pre-occupied rubbing my nipples ...

Eric Georgantes | July 16, 2007 10:45 PM

I honestly don't care. If people want them gone, that's fine with me. If not, that's fine.

I say run with the ads. They run on PageOneQ and Blogactive and I've never gotten a complaint...and I get a lot of complaints about ads.

When people complain to me that they see ads for GOPers, I say don't complain, instead click them
It costs the right wingers money and that money goes to my site...CLICK AWAY.

I don't see what the problem is.... does the inclusion of a mildly suggestive ad invalidate the content of an entire site? Have we become a community so self loathing of our sexuality that the presence of a half naked guy makes us embarassed and worrisome about what "other people will think"? Is the message "as long as we keep ourselves clothed and "proper" then straight people will accept us?" and isn't that a sad message?

Tony Kariotis | July 17, 2007 12:54 PM

Amen, Will!

Keep the ads, Bil...especially if it generates money for the site.

Keep the ads Bil. There is nothing inappropriate about them. And the help pay for the site.

Don Sherfick | July 17, 2007 2:18 PM

I think that Comment No. 5 says it all concerning the issue of the ad’s appropriateness. On the one hand he says that he has no problem with the ad but wishes it weren't so close to the masthead because others at his workplace might see it, and then goes on to say that he isn't being prudish by saying that. If somebody can really address the inherent contradiction in those two statements they will have gone far in understanding why some of us, including me, aren't exactly thrilled about confirming for those outside of our community that in the end, we're primarily about sex and little else of substance. That of course isn't true, but until that impression is countered by a greater representation of the full spectrum of the LGBT (note I don't choose to add the "Q") population, the websites of our adversaries can continue to point here as their "Exhibit A" for that proposition.

Don (and Will), I'm a straight female GLBT ally. I read the site because I'm interested in the content, and because I respect the opinions of of a couple of friends who write for Bilerico. I'm by no means in a position to "say it all" about the issue.

As I said in my statement above. I have no issue with the actual ads. I'm not interested in clicking on them, but if they bring revenue to the site, that's great news. Yes, I'm concerned about "what others will think", but I suppose the best way to solve that particular problem is to not access Bilerico from work any longer. Problem solved.

Apologies for starting the firestorm, folks.