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Tyler Whitney's working for a gay pol

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Between the Lines is reporting that Tyler Whitney, the gay webmaster formerly of the Tancredo campaign, has moved back to Michigan and is working for an independent, openly gay candidate for mayor of Michael Moore's hometown, Flint, Michigan:

The campaign of openly gay mayoral candidate Dale Weighill has hired Tyler Whitney to run the campaign's field operations.[...]

Reached by cellphone, Whitney said he left the Tancredo campaign because he wanted to come back to Michigan. "I decided to come back to Michigan because I missed home. So I'm back here now."

It's strange to hire an 18-year-old to run field operations for a mayoral election, especially for a medium-sized city like Flint. An independent campaign might want to capitalize on Tyler Whitney's fame to get some attention, however fleeting that fame was. Michelangelo Signorile speculates:

The campaign actually sent out a press release touting the hire, seeming to want to capitalize on Whitney's new-found fame as a right-wing closeted gay staffer working on a presidential campaign and as a former head of a dubious organization.

Weighill received the Triangle Pride PAC's strong endorsement just before he hired Whitney. No comment from the PAC as of yet on this hire:

According to Heywood, an official with the Triangle Pride PAC was taken aback by the hire of Whitney, particularly coming right after the group's endorsement, and declined to comment as of yet. The fact that Weighill would hire a former Tancredo campaign staffer who hasn't apologized for involvement in a known hate group is not going to sit well with many in the local community -- whether he (or the candidate himself) is openly gay, closeted, straight, bi, trans or whatever.

That is, of course, assuming that people will follow a local third party candidate's campaign's internal politics as closely as I have for the past fifteen minutes. (Just sayin'!)

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You know, having worked on several campaigns I know how little money an independent campaign would usually have. I'm guessing they hired an 18 yr old gay kid that had "Presidential campaign" on his resume and thought they got one helluva deal. With no money there's usually no in depth background checks... Just guessing though.

Totally possible, Bil. Although an "in depth background check" would have only have had to have been a google search of the kids name. I'm thinking they knew and wanted cheap labor/semi-big name/prez campaign experience.

Either way, it's not like anyone's going to care in the end. It is interesting how Whitney left the Tancredo campaign after he defended them as totally gay friendly though and Bay Buchanan defended him.