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UPS gives insurance benefits to civilly united partners in New Jersey

Filed By Alex Blaze | July 30, 2007 3:57 PM | comments

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From a UPS press release:

UPS today announced it would offer health care benefits to all civil union partners of hourly employees in New Jersey who are covered under collectively bargained union plans. Management and administrative employees in the state already have such benefits.

(Notice how management and administration already got these benefits....)

But OK, we won this one! Whooo!

Now just like sprinters run through the finish line and martial artists know to kick through their target, let's go that extra mile here and demand quality health care for everyone regardless of whether they have conjugal partners and where those partners work!

Can I get a "Hear hear"?

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Hear hear! That's good news!

Everyone? Hey, we may be gay but we're still American.

"We got something for someone! We can quit now, right? I'm tired. Hey - what was that flashy object? A sale at Sears!? Sign me up!"

Yay. I can stop my one-person protest against UPS. And, now my online ordering at Amazon can recommence... phew (since they mostly ship UPS).

Every bit counts, right!

I think it might have been smarter to use this situation to point out the inadequacy of civil union as opposed to marriage, and to try to push the legislature in that direction.

Bil~ Do people actually sign up for sales? But yeah, I think we can do it. We're gays and we can do anything, so if we make universal health care the point of the movement, I know we can do it! I'm the radical faerie cheerleader!

Peter~ I think this generated enough publicity for that in NJ - the governor wrote a letter to UPS telling them to change their policy, so I think she got the message. And any more people getting health care is a positive step, whether or not it might hypothetically hamstring an effort for same-sex marriage (which I don't think it did).

Alex- Yes, but don't you think it would have been nice if the governor had written his letter to the legislature asking them to change their law?

Peter~ I'm always supportive of any elected official noticing any real problem because sometimes I can be really cynical of politics.

That said, I would have preferred if the governor wrote that letter to the legislature and asked them to ensure health care for all. What was this UPS thing all about? Was it actually about the same-sex partners who weren't getting health care benefits? Or was it about the fact that UPS wasn't recognizing legally sanctioned relationships? I hope it's the former.

I mean, when we ask for "marriage", what are we actually asking for? Relationship recognition or material benefits? If it is the latter, then why are we asking that they just be extended just to same-sex couples and not to all gay people?