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YGST: Margaret Cho - Christian groups have lost their minds

Filed By Bil Browning | July 06, 2007 8:22 AM | comments

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Margaret Cho rips on Christian "family" groups on her Assassin DVD. Did you enter the contest to win an autographed poster from the show and a t-shirt?

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I'm generally pretty cool with Margaret Cho, esp. her "I'm the one that I want", but this act just seemed to be an off-day for her or something. Like I don't like how she keeps on going back to class-indicators as jokes and just sort of says them and hopes everyone will laugh. "Like we'd ever live in a trailer park"? Well, lots of queers do live in trailer parks, and last time I checked that didn't make them any less queer. And we're all wearing A&F and don't like Reba McIntyre and never have mullets (she apparently never went on in the county)... all centralizing one type of queer - the coastal-urban, white, middle- to upper-class gay - and erasing, you know, like almost all the rest of us. And to what end? To show that the Christian Right is factually or morally incorrect because they don't have the right haircut? Because I just never found this performance funny in the first place, I really can't see any other purpose.

Ok, if I write any more, this is going to be a post and not a comment.