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YGST: Mika and Beth Ditto channel Annie Lennox

Filed By Bil Browning | July 26, 2007 7:32 AM | comments

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Tags: Annie Lennox, Beth Ditto, Eurythmics, Mika, music, Scotland, Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Let's kick off the weekend with some music. Here's "Is-he-or-isn't-he?" Mika with Beth "Oh, hell yeah I am!" Ditto at a Scottish festival singing "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These."

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Let's kick off the weekend with some music.

So the weekend for Bil starts at 7:32 on Thursday. It's all making sense now....

And can I say: gosh! what a bad performance for Ditto! If the announcers are to be believed, she did just get told earlier that day that she'd be singing that song. Maybe that explains it.

Damn. That's what I get for scheduling these ahead of time in the wee hours of the night. This was supposed to run on Friday. *grins* Thank goodness readers sent us ideas for tomorrow's post, eh?

OY. I like Beth, and this is a fun pairing, but it really would've been helpful if she'd stayed on-key for a majority of the time. :/