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YGST: Rev. Reggie Longcrier

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The Rev. Reggie Longcrier on Mr. John Edwards

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this man is fantastic.

James Lush | July 23, 2007 7:50 PM

I saw your question you asked John Edwards. It’s a shame that you have the title Rev. in front of your name but then again many do and it means nothing to God nor me.

The bible clearly declares homosexuality a sin and marriage is between a man and women

Time to get saved my friend

I was a bit confused by the premise of Reverend Longcrier's question this evening. He stated that religion had been used to justify slavery when, in fact, the earliest campaign to end slavery in the United States was largely the work of a small number of Christians who opposed slavery on explicitly religious grounds and who, in their own time, were regularly condemned as fanatical zealots. In the framing of his YouTube question, Reverend Longbrier appeared to have mistaken John Edwards' personal faith for what Edwards had already told Wolf Blitzer during the CNN Forum on Faith and Politics at George Washington University on June 4. see:

At that time, Edwards stressed that the president of the United States should never use his personal belief system to impose that belief system on the rest of the country. FYI, I am pro gay marriage.

This man should have his preaching license taken away from him for supporting gays and gay marriage. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality, male or female, is unnatural and an abomination to the one true living GOD. This so-called "reverend" should step down. And as for Edwards and all the others who will not let their religion guide their jobs if they were president, Jesus said "he who denies me before men, he will I deny before my father in heaven".

Ray Reynolds | July 25, 2007 1:55 AM

Two clarifications:

1. The Bible defines HOLY MATRIMONY as the union between man & woman. Marriage is not holy matrimony. It is an instrument of the State for the foundation of families. The idea is that a collective that cares for each other reduces the government's burden.

2. Yes. Christians (Catholics) used the Bible for centuries as the justification of Europe's slave trade and enslavement of Blacks. It was ABOLITIONIST Christians (Quakers) that argues a reinterpretation of the scripture as a method of condemning slavery.

I love Rev. Longcrier. Injustice is injustice whether or not the Bible endorses it! The contempt with which people condemn Gays is painfully similar to the contempt with which they viewed Blacks just 40 years ago. Go figure!