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Chris Dodd answers HRC's questions

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Chris Dodd said he would show up at the HRC/Logo Presidential Forum, was the first one to confirm, but then backed out at the last minute citing a "scheduling conflict". Mm-hmm. Well, he's trying to make up for it by posting his responses to several of the questions that were asked on his website.

I'm just going to start out by saying that it's not the same as actually showing up. First, he gets to choose the questions and gets a whole weekend to think of answers with his campaign staff, which if we let everyone do we wouldn't have gotten my favorite moment of the entire debate. Second, to confirm and then cancel shows that the scheduling conflict was with something more important to a politician than free TV time, something private (I haven't heard what it was), and something run by someone who can pull the strings well enough to get a candidate to back out of an invitation he had already accepted, which is honestly just rude. So I'm thinking it was a big-time donor who wanted to meet with him, and well, it's just another example of what I always say: if it comes down to money or LGBTQueer rights, every last politician would throw us under the bus, so we should be building a movement based on separating money and political power.

Well, with that said, here are a few of the highlights of his answers:

First question was the one Melissa Etheridge asked John Edwards about our so-called "special needs" when it comes to getting health care coverage. He mentions providing benefits for domestic partners of federal employees right out of the gate, which is a good first half-step, and then he goes right in to universal health care. Chris Dodd, or someone on his staff, gets it. The LGBTQueer communities' needs for health care are a whole lot better met with universal coverage instead of anemically expanding an already failing system that bases the ability to be treated for disease and injury, in part, on one's ability to bed down with someone who has a good job. For those of us who haven't done that, can't do that, or refuse to do that, marriage is not the answer to our health care woes. Universal coverage is. He supports the Universal HealthMart plan.

On marriage:

But marriage is a states issue, and that is one of the reasons I voted against the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. I would also support amending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to ensure parity for civil unions at the federal level.

There isn't one part of that DOMA that's doing us any good, no matter what certain front-running candidates say about it beating back FMA. And at least Hillary said how she'd amend DOMA, instead of just being vague about it.

He supports medical marijuana as a states issue (another candidate talks about legalized pot!), increase funding to HIV prevention through the Ryan White CARE Act, and promises not to nominate anyone to a position of power who's homophobic. Oh, and one more gem:

10. Do you think homosexuality is a choice or is biological?

I believe that it is biological.

Someone has a sense of humor!

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To answer your question, Senator Dodd was unveiling his education plan in New Hampshire that day. It's on the front page of our campaign website right now.

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