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Ever wonder what an ex-gay children's book would look like?

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 17, 2007 1:29 PM | comments

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Well, wonder no more. Dorm Item has part of crazy ex-gay Richard Cohen's book up on their site. Richard Cohen's that one ex-gay who's all about cuddling and hitting pillows with tennis rackets.
ex gay book.jpg
Fun stuff. (via Timothy Kincaid)

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This book is too creepy. So all gay men are the victim of molestation & lack of love from the parent of the same-sex? And the soultion is the TIME,TOUCH, and TALK with the father? (Caps their's)?


The book begins with the whole dysfunctional; family...."Mommy & Daddy fight a lot. Maybe they don't love me...." etc.

I think someone should start with that and write an Ex-str8 parody...

Wow. Just... wow. The implications here--that childhood sexual abuse *makes* people queer, and that being queer is obviously bad--are pretty horrifying. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse *and* as a queer person, I'm really disturbed by this book concept.

And, if I may, I'd like to comment here on how a disturbing amount of the literature I've seen about sexual abuse--especially literature I've seen for and about children--often seems just as pornographic as it does educational.

A disclaimer: I'm not anti-pornography by *any* stretch of the imagination. When I say pornographic, I mean "made with the intent to turn people on," which, by itself, is not a bad thing in my book.

But I am pretty troubled by how much I see the "titillation/revulsion/attraction" dynamic at play in books about abuse--and especially in books about childhood sexual abuse. I doubt I'm the only person who notices the weird sexy titillation element in a lot of supposedly "not erotic" abuse and domestic violence media. And it's the fact that the writers/producers often seem completely unaware of the titillation factor that squicks me the most.

Like, if you're going to fantasize and write about "scary" and taboo things, why not just be honest and call it what it is--erotica, pornography, a fantasy? Why couch it in terms of self-help or "helping the children"? An unintentionally pornographic book about abuse is much, much, MUCH creepier to me than "barely legal" porn, or someone writing about rape fantasies, or what have you...

Are we surprised that a man teaching such obviously ludicrous techniques would make a book that presents those techniques with a (pardon the pun) straight face?

While the guy is obviously loony, I just hope that no one is taken in by his fantasy therapy.