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Flushing Away the Naugle

Filed By Michael Crawford | August 16, 2007 11:26 AM | comments

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What is it with Florida politicians and their obsessions with public bathrooms? There was State Rep. Bob Allen offering cash and sexual favors to a (stocky and Black) undercover cop. Now we have Mayor Jim Naugle of Ft. Lauderdale wanting to buy at government expense $250,000 robo-toilets to stop what he describes as a plague of "homosexual activity" in public bathrooms.

Despite Mayor Naugle screaming homosexual bloody murder, his gay sexual fantasies don't match reality according to police sergeant Frank Sousa who said ""There's no evidence, no reports or arrests made for any men having sex in any restrooms."

What's Naugle's deal then? Because of term limits, Naugle is not able to run for re-election so come 2009 he will be out of a job. Word from folks in Florida is that he may be working overtime to prove his right-wing street cred in hopes of getting a Don Imus-type radio gig.

This isn't the first time that Naugle has jumped on the anti-gay bandwagon. He has been on a quest to stop "an attempt by gays to take over Fort Lauderdale." Check out this video from CNN and Pam's House Blend for more details. In the story he is quoted as saying that he doesn't call gays "gay" because most of us are "unhappy."

The folks at Equality Florida and a coalition of other LGBT groups are on the case and are asking people to contact Naugle to let him know just how happy/gay we will be when he is no longer in office.

You can send your own personal message to Naugle here.

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I get it! I get the connection! Naugle said his thing about the toilets and public sex, and when the police said that it just doesn't happen, Bob Allen set out to make it true!

I knew those two were in cahoots....

Indeed, he's gunning for his next "job"
And trying to justify a 250,000 toilet