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You know that space between the way you see yourself and the way others see you? Well, for Focus on the Family, that space is about as wide as the broadside of a barn. Because back in 2005, someone at the FOTF HQ decided to edit the organization's description in their Wikipedia entry. The original was:

Focus on the Family (''FOTF'' or ''FotF'') is an American evangelical political group, promoting the policies of the Christian right. The group was founded by Dr. James Dobson and is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The organization is a major component of the American Christian right and is highly active in promoting conservative policies. Focus on the Family is one of a number of evangelical para-church organizations that have arisen in the last decade. Their stated aim is to not start a new church or religious denomination, but to work interdenominationally to promote public policy.

The Focuser changed it to:

Focus on the Family (''FOTF'' or '''FotF''), founded in 1977, is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and defending families worldwide. The "Focus on the Family" broadcast has over 1.5 million listeners daily in the United States alone. Focus on the Family has offices worldwide with a total audience of over 200 million.

A Wikipedia editor changed it back two hours later.

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Focus on the Family is structured as many other groups like Planned Parenthood and others are in that they have a 501 (c) 3 organization that does education and research type activities and a 501 (c)4 organizations that do lobbying and advocacy type of activities.

Wikipedia should have put Focus on the Family Action (the c 4 organization) rather than Focus on the Family (c 3 organization). Their mistake, not Focus on the Family's.