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Homotextual: Jasmyne Cannick

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We here at jasmynecannick.com conducted an informal poll of our visitors on what they felt was more important between two choices: Michael Vick and dogfighting and R. Kelly having sex with minors. Well, we are pleased to announce the results so far. Out of 139 votes 92% get it and 8 percent don't.
--Jasmyne Cannick

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And yet by setting up a win-lose dichotomy, I'd be the first to say that Jasmyne doesn't get it. I realize she doesn't like dogs, but why keep setting up a situation where we have to choose between Michael Vick and R Kelly? Both did horrendous things - and anyone who can't see that we're comparing apples to oranges when we try to weigh out which is "more important," is in for a hollow victory.

Michael Bedwell | August 27, 2007 9:23 AM

Bravo, Bil!

There are enough challenges in life beyond our control without our making it all even more difficult by setting up such false choices.

I'm not seeing the second comment on this thread that I can see on the back-end (and the front page says that there are two comments here). Oh, gosh.

Anyway, I was just going to respond to you, Bil. False dichotomy, eh? I'm trying to remember who it was, but I do remember that there was a gay activist of some sort on a fundie website last week in their comments thread saying something about how fundamentalist political advocacy groups should be more focused on poverty than on sexophobia/homophobia. Hmmmm.... I can't remember who it was, but maybe you should tell him that it isn't a win-lose dichotomy and that he's comparing apples to oranges.

I, of course, wouldn't tell him that. People have decided already that what R. Kelly did was less important than what Michael Vick did. R. Kelly's the one with a new album that's doing well and a strong career. The media's been obsessed with Vick in ways that it wasn't with R. Kelly (although there was coverage). So are people allowed to say that child molestation of a girl is less important than dog-fighting, but if others turn around those priorities, they're the ones setting up a false dichotomy? Interesting.

Whatevs. The reason I posted this is because I don't think people realize that Jasmyne Cannick actually has a wicked sense of humor sometimes. She can definitely be serious, people know that, but here it's just like, who posts survey results and makes fun of the respondents in the same breath? There's a certain amount of absurdism here, and that's what at least I and a few other people picked up on. That's all.