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tsmenace.gifIn KQED's recent interview of J Michael Bailey and Alice Dreger, (If you don't know Bailey, he's the one that said Bailey said: in men there's no hint that true bisexual arousal exists, and that for men arousal is orientation " and lesbians "I'm not even sure females have a sexual orientation. But they have sexual preferences.")

"Again I reject the assertion that it's all transgendered people are offended by my book. Many transgendered people are actually very happy that people are finally talking about this phenomenon called autogynophelia, which they feel captures their motivation."

I believe Bailey is wrong and that a majority of transgender people see Bailey's work as a direct attack on their lives.

If you do too, I'd ask that you please sign a petition I made at:

Please spread the word about this petition to as many people you can think of.

Alice Dreger's dredging up of this old controversy has inflamed the right wing blogosphere with such wonderful posts as:

Doctrinal battles in academia -

Investigative journal article examines Michael Bailey controversy - Warren Throckmorton (reparative therapy advocate and researcher)

Northwestern University: a morality play for the church - BaylyBlog (Presbyterian pastor)

"Bailey published incorrect opinions a couple years ago in a book he wrote about men who claim to be 'transgendered.' In The Man Who Would Be Queen, Bailey made the case that some men who claim to be 'transgendered' aren't who they say they are. Whereas they claim nature made a mistake and locked a woman in a man's body, Bailey argued that some of these men are really guys who get sexual pleasure from posing as women. Then all Hell broke loose."

Dangerous Science - For The People (Radio show from Logan Utah)

The Thought Police: Discussion Of Autogynephilia Is Strictly Prohibited - Dr. X's Free Associations

"... my sense of the underlying reason for the attacks on Bailey is his provocative suggestion that narcissistic pathology motivates some who seek reassignment surgery. Had Bailey offered an analysis more palatable to transgender activists, I doubt there would have been so much criticism of his work."


"It's hard to top the irony of someone at Kinsey--the avatar of junk science driven by personal predilections and political correctness--setting himself up as a judge of science."

Prof Set Upon by Transgender Moonbats - Moonbattery

"In the 2003 book The Man Who Would Be Queen, Bailey advanced the theory that guys who decide to go "transgender" are mainly motivated by an erotic fascination with their own selves as women. This jibes with the grotesque narcissism displayed so aggressively by transgender freakazoids. However, it does not conform to official moonbat dogma, which dictates that they really are women, who by some cosmic error were accidentally given male bodies."

Free Speech...Unless You Don't Agree - Blonde Segacity

"The basic message from Dr. Conway and Dr. Barres, as is typical of these types of attacks from the left, is that they got their feeling hurt because he claimed "things people hold most deeply true are not true." Oh, boo freakin' hoo. Get a box of tissues and go have a good cry."

Dude (looks like a witch hunt) -

"His critics insist transsexuals are simply women trapped in men's bodies. A cohort of transsexual activists have launched a sustained campaign to demonize him and stop his work. They've accused him of ethical improprieties and tried to discredit the theory."

Destroy those you can't refute - Andrew Bolt(Herald Sun)

Discussion Impossible - Transgender Sexuality - Omninnerd

"But in a world where a transgender advocate smeared pictures of Dr. Bailey's children with sexually explicit captions on her website, the question arises whether academic discussion of politically sensitive topics can be conducted at all."

The blackballing of Dr. Bailey - Worldview (Christian blog)

On Science, Fashion & Being PC - Okie on The Lam

"What struck me about Bailey's situation is how similar it is professionally to those scientists that are, or have switched positions to become man-caused climate-change 'doubters'. It's definitely anti-politically correct to NOT believe in global warming, and it's considered heretical in the PC-world of climate scientists for one to be a scientist and not believe that what warming might actually be occurring is man-caused and endangering the survival of the planet."

Academics, Transsexuals Try to Ruin Psychology Prof Over Book on Transexualism
- Lifesite

Bailey's Academic Winter - annavenger

"Once again, we see that academic freedom is extended only to those who espouse views currently in vogue among academics and the politically correct. Run afoul of those individuals, and they'll do what they can to make your life miserable. It's not just your ideas they'll attack. They'll instigate investigations and attempt to get you fired. They'll accuse you of sexual or other misconduct. Even your children won't be safe."

Political Correctness Run Amok - Creative Minority Report (Catholic blog)

"J. Michael Bailey crossed the wrong people. He wrote a book that a certain segment of the population didn't like and they set out to destroy him. They nearly succeeded. This group spread lies about him, accused him of ethical and sexual misconduct, posted sexually explicit captions with photos of his children. This group was so vicious, so determined to destroy him that a major University was too scared to even defend one of their own. What group has the power to destroy a life like this? To make a man live in fear because of what he wrote? Is it the mafia? Is it radical Islamists? Is it even the Illuminati? No, it was a group much more powerful. The trans-gender lobby."

The big, bad, powerful transgender lobby? The transgender lobby has no power in and of itself. We've had to fight within our own community (GLBT) to get included in legislation that says it's not ok to kill us or fire us for being who we are.

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Well here we go again….
The same day old warmed over crap of Michael Bailey and Ray Blanchard….

Well Maybe Most Transgenders are happy with Bailey’s book,
The real Transsexuals and the Post-Transition Females think Bailey is full of crap.

A few of us would also add that we are tired of all the hot air this peace of junk science has generated. Why is there always someone trying to make a name for themselves out of this?
First is it was Conway and James now it is a whole host of little fish in the big Tranny pond.

Take care,
Please lets not beat this to death AGAIN.


We are starting our own Satire provided to us by Shirley Spammer.

For information about the Baileyesque figure in the Intersex community

I feel that Dreger and Bailey deserve NO serious response from most of us at this point. What Dreger has done in my opinion is use her social status and her normborn privilege to caricature me and in so doing it has been crafted into a genetic definition of me as disordered sexually. This is a very dangerous caricature. What Shirley Spammer and Andrew Kerr have done in the following satire is simply mirror back what they are doing; but, of course, there is no real danger there because it is not to be taken seriously as a scientific, truthful article. What Dreger and Bailey have done is very serious and even though it is a caricature, a perversion of what I am, it will end the lives of many like me in the future because of having a DSD or more precisely: a genetic birth defect suitable to be eliminated from the gene pool.

Dreger and Bailey are the only ones with the TRUTH. All others are liars or erroneous. That ends the discussion. Freedom of expression only applies to the ones doing the research and speaking about us and for us - never to us the actual subjects. Like Sophie Siedlberg has so clearly pointed out, when we the subjects object, then the objection is the subject of another clinical study of the squeaks of the labrats. By accident of birth, we have no access to their Ubermensch truth. This is our disclaimer. We don't pretend to have the truth. Only those who speak for us do.

The first two in our series:
Professor Rike Mengele Fatbastard and Dr M. Alice Doormat De Vile Are Innocent!!
"When Professors are branded neo Nazi scum and liars"

Access to the articles in this series

My own objections to Bailey's book had to do with his methodology. It was as bad as any of Paul Cameron's studies. I will not disupte that autogynophilia exists; it is the end stage of a particularly powerful and enduring transvestic fetish. But it is not Transsexuality as understood when you discuss Gender Identity Disorder. Both GID-Transsexuality and Autogynophilia exist. Bailey does not address the difference; he came to the study with his own conclusions already made it seems. Either way, bad science gets debunked and attacking a poorly done study is nothing new in academic medicine. Either do painstaking research by acceptable methods that survive peer review, or get your tush cooked by your colleagues, and deservedly so.