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Big Brother 8 contestant makes bigoted remarks

Filed By Bil Browning | August 15, 2007 2:41 PM | comments

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While watching Big Brother 8 last night (what can I say, I'm a reality show junkie!) I had to wonder what the hell CBS was thinking by allowing Dick to stay on as part of the show. In my opinion, his butt should have been kicked off for racism, homophobia and religious bigotry after last night's telecast.

Big Brother 8's Evil DickIn the episode last night (which is, of course, heavily edited so you know you're not seeing the worst of what's happening), the jerk called gay contestant, Dustin, "Princess" repeatedly in a derogatory manner and tried to intimidate him by banging pots and pans over Dustin's head while he slept. He mocked Jameka's religious beliefs every few seconds by taking the name of her God in vain, aggressively taunting her about her beliefs as nothing more than "magic ping pong balls," and loudly castigating her and condemning her to hell. And then he mocks her speaking by attempting a black accent and shaking his head in imitation of her body movements.

This angered me enough that I had to pause the program and exclaim to Jerame "Why the hell are they letting him stay?!" (But, you know, maybe we already have the answer. After all, isn't CBS the company that allowed Imus to stay on the air for several years?) I knew I was going to have to blog about this today so I went looking for clips on YouTube from last night's show. What I found is even more outrageous! See after the fold for video from the live feeds that weren't shown on air. (warning - language)

Last night, Jerame told me that I was being overly sensitive to the "Princess" comments. But I think we can all agree that "I wore these pants since I know you like to see my cock in them" is offensive. Gee - I wonder why CBS wasn't airing that portion on prime time? The parts that they did air were bad enough... But remember earlier this season contestant Amber made anti-semitic remarks that also didn't land her outside of the house and they were never aired on TV. Apparently bigotry is allowed in the American version of Big Brother.

But perhaps it's just us - in Britain they've lost a contestant for racial comments but another who used anti-gay slurs wasn't given the boot despite much controversy. I'd say that if CBS wasn't willing to do anything about the gay slurs, perhaps they'd take action on the religion comments or the racial ones, but then again, it's not like they proactive about punishing Amber or Imus. Maybe they'll change the moniker to Central Bigotry Services: "Bigotry delivered straight to your living room for all the kids to see!"

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One thing about the Big Brother UK contestant who wasn't booted, though -- she was told on the show that the language she used was unacceptable and warned not to say it again on the program (it can be found on YouTube, its at the end of a "Seven Deadly Sins" themed episode) if Dick and Amber were similarly admonished, it has all happened off screen.

Leland Frances | August 15, 2007 3:54 PM

Some may forget which one is Amber in this MENSA convention. Ya know the airhead who was crying the other night as she prayed to "god" to help her be strong. Apparently, it's not a JUDEO-Xtian god, however, as those remarks Bil mentioned apparently included describing Jews as "money hungry" "assholes" whom you can identify, according to her mama, by their names and big noses.

Dick claimed that, emphasis mine, "ALL gay guys in West Hollywood" used to have HIV and lied about it to their sex partners. And does vapid host Julie Chen [or CBS president Les Moonves who dumped his wife for her] laugh when he mocks stereotypical Asian broken English?

But the network's/producer's failure to at least edit such comments out started in their first season.

In BB1, Eddie told racist "jokes."

Dick's misogynistic comments this season are nothing compared to Justin's in BB2 who verbalized explicit violent sexual fantasies about women in the house, and was finally evicted after holding a knife to one of their throats. Better late than murder CBS.

BB4: It was "Cuban faggot."

BB6: "Sand nigger"

As mentioned, in the UK, where the show originated, a contestant was removed by producers for using the N-word; but in ye old United States of Money, producers and network ignore it, claiming that, "Well, their opinions aren't OURS," and sometimes removing the comments from the primetime broadcasts. BUT people know about them because they leave them in the "live" feeds from which they're also making money.

This is one reality show I only watch in bits and pieces in that "slow down to oogle the car wreak way." The info above came mostly from an article on realitytvblurred. In any case, in 2007, "Big Brother" is the same lowest common denominator of human beings show that it always was, glorifying and financially rewarding the villainy of hypocritical hydrocephalic homophobes, sexists, and racists, but it's more popular than ever.

RE Amber's antics, Anti-Defamation League director Abraham Foxman told TMZ that he wants, "CBS to understand they are facilitating anti-semitism. They should act responsibly to the community; they are legitimizing bigoted conversation.” Too baad GLAAD has pretty much forgotten that their acronym is supposed to stand for "Gay & Lesbian ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION."

And don't ask me or Argentina to cry for any trouble Dustin's encountering. He and Eric are vicious and vacuous queens-for-pay, more minty made-for-TV stereotypes that the networks luv.

Leland Frances | August 15, 2007 3:56 PM

Jumpin' Jehosaphat! I almost forgot that in one of those feeds, Dustin alleged revealed that he calls his dog, "Nigger Bitch" because, "Well she's black and she's a bitch."