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Midweek roundup - contributors edition

Filed By Bil Browning | August 01, 2007 3:48 PM | comments

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Today's round up is going to be about some of our contributors and the news that they've been making lately!

First, congratulations to Mike Rogers who won $1000 and the title of BlogPAC hero from Daily Kos! Mike's site BlogACTIVE has been one of the leading LGBT blogs to expose the hypocrisy of (some) of our elected officials and their staff. By outing closeted politicians who consistently vote against our community, Mike has helped to bring attention to the plight of the closet and all of its ramifications.

Next up we have Patricia Nell Warren who is getting rave reviews for her latest book, The Lavender Locker Room. Here's a clip from

The Lavender Locker Room further demonstrates Warren’s expertise in discussing sexuality and sports. More notably, however, she has given us a piece of authentic and often untold LGBT history. In order for young out people to be fully whole into today’s world, it is essential that they know and understand who paved their road to freedom... We owe Patricia Nell Warren so much for her work as an author and activist in the struggle for equal rights for the LGBT community. She continues to give us amazing gifts and The Lavender Locker Room is no exception.

Third, Pam Spaulding is holding down the fort for John Aravosis at AMERICAblog for the next few weeks while John is on vacation. Even as big as Pam's House Blend is, this is quite a step up as far as traffic goes. Way to go Pam!

Next up, Terrance Heath was invited to have breakfast with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. You can read his post about the experience (and the spectacular question he asked her!) here on the site.

And lastly, the whole blog was recently featured on Best Gay Blogs with a small, but positive, review! They featured a clip of contributor Steve Ralls's post on Ron Paul.

Smart...intelligent...well written...those are just a few of the words we can say about The Bilerico Project . With 32 wonderfuly diverse contributors, you cannot miss this daily read. It was founded by Bil Browning who is a long-time LGBT activist and writer. Add this one to your blogroll!

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