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My Question for Mitt Romney

Filed By Michael Crawford | August 17, 2007 3:26 PM | comments

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Now that the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate is on again, I have a question for Mitt Romney: Mr. Romney, if it's okay for your five sons to decide not to serve their country through military service, why is it not okay for openly gay and lesbian Americans to decide to serve in the military?

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Maybe Romney just thinks no one should have to serve in the military... We should so start the rumor that he's all about peace and flowers. As a Republican, that'd be a death knell... *grins*

Are you suggesting that the only honorable career choice in America is Military service? If so, I am offended.

Bjalder26, no need to be offended. My question is this: Why is it okay for Romney's sons to decide not to serve in the military, when its not okay for openly gay and lesbian Americans to serve in the military? In no way am I suggesting that military service is the only honorable career choice. I haven't served in the military and don't intend to.

I am simply saying that if Romney's sons are given a choice, gay people should be helpful to make a choice.

I'm not sure I see a contradiction in Romney's sons not serving in the military & gays & lesbians not being allowed to serve openly in the military; as Bil said, perhaps Romney is saying no one should serve (wouldn't that be a refreshing point of view from a Republican??) The issue of choice does not make for contradiction because gays & lesbians can choose (and do choose) to serve under DADT.