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OK, so Tyler Whitney wasn't hired by a gay pol

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I posted Monday about how Dale Weighill, an independent running for mayor of Flint, had sent out a press release touting the hiring of Tyler Whitney, the gay former webmaster of the Tancredo campaign who was involved with a hate group.

Well, Between the Lines is reporting:

Dale Weighill, an openly gay candidate running for mayor of Flint, said in an interview with BTL this week that conservative activist Tyler Whitney is not an employee of his campaign, and has only volunteered once.[...]

Weighill said a press release announcing Whitney's position as Weighill's field coordinator, sent out by volunteer staffer Jeremy Washburn, was done without his consent or knowledge. "Jeremy is not a paid staff member," Weighill said."I do all the strategy and I manage the campaign. As with all volunteer situations, he overstepped his bounds."

And a word from Tyler Whitney himself, after the jump.

He posted this on Conservative Dossier:

This is the real Tyler...

They sent out a PR without asking me after I agreed to go door to door for a weekend...apparently they were angry that the homo media wouldnt recognize them so they think 19 year old twinks like me are an effective media strategy (I guess it worked...)

Either way I just went door to door a few times and I dont get paid...Its a silly story but flame on

Good point about the no one noticing the campaign. A gay man running for mayor as an independent as one of seven candidates in a medium-sized town just isn't news anymore.

But someone on that conservative blog also posted under Whitney's name (hence the "This is the real Tyler") with the lyrics to "It's Raining Men". And someone called him a leftist. Whitney responds:

on a second note....

I am pretty sure the person that called me a leftist doesnt support Paul or Tancredo...I'm also going to take a guess and assume that he is a warmonger and worships the state

If those things are should reconsider who the leftist is

Oh, snap! Those pro-war leftists just took it from Tyler Whitney himself!

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jeremy washburn | August 2, 2007 2:30 PM

I did not send out the press realease without authorization. It stands as it was. People are now trying to back peddle due to the backlash and I am the scape goat.

Jeremy Washburn | August 5, 2007 4:05 PM

This is the real JEREMY WASHBURN

I did not post the previous post talking about back peddling...etc.. someone is trying to cause conflict.
I take full responsibility in the matter of the press realease. It was an error in my judgement and a mistake. I apologize for it. Dale was not involved nor did he have any idea that it went out.