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Queer music Friday - Bjork

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Here's Bjork's "Venus as a Boy":

In her own words for Diva magazine:

I’ve always had as many powerful, creative ladies in my life as I have men, and you could probably describe some of those relationships as romantic. I think everyone’s bisexual to some degree or another; it’s just a question of whether or not you choose to recognise it and embrace it. Personally, I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You’d be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavours.

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In a way, her words remind me of the famous quote by James Dean: When asked if he was gay he replied, "Well, I'm not gonna go thru life with one hand tied behind my back."

One of my favorite queer song lyrics is by Stevie Nicks in the Fleetwood Mac song "Paper Doll":

"You like a man with a future
You like a woman with a past..."

OH! and it was 30 years ago that Elvis died. "Jailhouse Rock" is a great queer rock song (Rock & roll is a euphamism for sex-- "Jailhouse Rock" then is jailhouse sex; jailhouse sex is queer sex. As in: "Number forty-seven said to number three:
'You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see.
I sure would be delighted with your company,
come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me.'") Elvis, of course, had NO CLUE.