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Surprise: Haters Hate Hate Crimes Bill

Filed By Michael Crawford | August 16, 2007 2:12 PM | comments

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The homo-haters at the American Family Association will stop at nothing to stop passage of a federal hate crimes bill that includes LGBT people. Now comes the claims that passage of the hate crimes bill will lead to the "criminalization and civil sanction of the biblical view of homosexuality." By "biblical view of homosexuality" of course they mean their ability to preach hatred of LGBT people from the pulpit. There is nothing in the hate crimes bill that will prohibit that. But why should they let the truth get in the way of a compelling, victimizing narrative?

To further (mis)state their case, AFA is now circulating the video below featuring an elderly British couple who claim that police officers visited their home and threatened them after they called their local council in opposition to gay literature. Cause, you know, the police are nothing more than the enforcers for the world wide expansion of the gay agenda.

The Senate will be considering the hate crimes bill when Congress returns from its August district work period. Its going to be an uphill battle to get the bill passed and your help is needed to give the members of the Senate the courage to stand up for what's right and vote for the bill. Contact your Senator here.

Terrance at Republic of T is in the midst of an amazing project compiling information on hate crimes. Check it out here.

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Marti Abernathey | August 16, 2007 2:38 PM

Micheal, you are too kind. They haven't misstated anything. They are LIARS, plain and simply. This wasn't a mistake, it's intentional. They are a hate group that uses lies and rhetoric.

Sounded like nothing more than a fund raiser commercial to me. British fundies.

Common. That was realy a Monte Python clip right?


It's not just intentional; it's international now. I'm going to go to bed now and cry for this British couple and their made up story.

Kevin Lahti | August 16, 2007 3:15 PM

Now I only got a B in geography so maybe I'm wrong but last time I checked, England is across a very big ocean from the US.. and Now I aced History so I know for a fact that it is indeed a seperate country from the US. So why does the AFA feel that this is what will happen when the hate crimes bill passes.. Because I know that it is most likely in no way the same wording as it is here.. In fact I'm sure their hate crimes statute is better than the one proposed here, but that is beside the point... The point being that England and America are no longer the same so unless someone from before the revolutionary war is still alive and working at the AFA england has nothing to do with law making here..

Leland Frances | August 16, 2007 4:38 PM

It's simple [if diabolical], Kevin. You see, in order to scare even more people [read make even more money to keep their careers as officers in the antigay industry going] they need to define "the gay agenda" as an international conspiracy. The success of "if it can happen there" about whatever has worked since humankind first learned that there was a there.

Of course, they've been playing the "there" that is San Francisco card for at least a couple of decades now. Around that time, when a local gay non-discrimination ordinance was up for a vote in little Concord, less than an hour from SF, voters awoke election week to find on their doorsteps mass produced video tapes of the worst excesses of the San Francisco pride parade. The ordinance failed [it has since passed fortunately].

There have been less complicated expressions of it. Remember the GOP trying to undermine Nancy Pelosi by calling her a "San Francisco Democrat"? That's code for "Faggot Lover Democrat."

Yes, they are still slowing us down here, but it's the damage they're creating in the reverse direction that most concerns me because the people affected there aren't 40 years into an organized movement [which we ALLEGEDLY have]. I'm sure many of you have read of the violent antigay demonstrations in Moscow and some other former Soviet Bloc cities; seen those incredible pictures of handfuls of gay demonstrators being swarmed by herds of wailing Baboushkas and solemn Orthodox priests both in black and holding crosses in the air as if trying to ward off vampires while neo-naziesque street thugs directly physically attack any demonstrator they can get close to.

Isn't it ironic that the country that invested so much energy in religious oppression under Communist fascists is now oozing like a wound that will not heal with religious fascists? And the bloody fingerprints of America's James Dobson and Focus on the Fascist Family are all over the freshly fanatical Soviet homohatred: according to one of his spokesmen, the audience for his radio and TV programs in the Russian Federation is one of their largest. FOF broadcasts in 15 languages in 116 countries, including on all state-owned radio stations in mainland China!!! And I'm sure it all comes down to, "Unless you want your cities to turn into another San Francisco where homosexuals purposely infect the blood supply with AIDS, you must stop them now! You must stop them HERE!"

But back to our here, can someone please tell me what our national groups are doing to combat these lies among voters that are deepthroating them? Raise your hand. Anyone?