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The CA AG's 2 arguments against same-sex marriage

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From the Bay Area Review:

In briefs filed with the state Supreme Court this summer two new legal arguments have emerged in the ongoing battle over same-sex marriage. San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, in briefs filed August 17, is challenging the attorney general's stance that marriage is a "constitutionally insignificant label" and therefore same-sex couples suffer no "constitutional injury" from being denied marriage licenses.

The AG's office has also claimed in its filings with the court that because the LGBT community advocated for and supported domestic partnerships that same-sex couples cannot now complain that such legally recognized relationships are not equal to marriage.

Jerry at PHB pretty much sums up my thoughts when he asks if the AG is throwing the case by making such silly arguments. If the label "marriage" is insignificant, legally, rhetorically, or otherwise, then what's all the huss-fuss about from every corner? And the second argument... well, it's just too silly to even be worth going there.

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Michael Bedwell | August 27, 2007 8:11 PM

While, as governor, Jerry Brown, signed in 1975 the bill decriminalizing sodomy in California, and said during the Attorney General campaign that he had no problem with further legalizing same gender relationships [though he did not explicitly include "marriage"], in 1977 he signed a bill defining marriage as between a man and a woman. You read that right: 1977 — 19 years before professional Bill Clinton haters would have you believe he single-handedly brought the mountain of Man/Woman down on us.

Who knows what Brown is thinking now? Youngins are probably unaware that he was sometimes called "Governor Moonbeam" and often earned the nickname. And that long before he and Linda Ronstadt were allegedly a couple, the rumors were so pervasive that he was gay that I still have somewhere a bumper sticker that reads, "Jerry Brown Goes Down More Than Nuclear Power Plants," which were distributed by the Lyndon LaRouche campaign in 1980 when both he and Brown were among those running for President.

But as the story in today's "Chicago Sun Times" illustrates, the "gay smear" goes back centuries.,CST-NWS-contro27.article

And I have no idea if the guys who told me way back when that Brown's then Chief of Staff Gray Davis secured call boys [Mervettes?] for the governor's mansion were telling the truth.