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The Fine Art of Internet Stalking Your Friends

Filed By Gina de Vries | August 04, 2007 2:22 AM | comments

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Do you look at the online profiles of people you know already? Even the profiles of your good friends, whose profiles you don't really need to look at because, hey, you already know them? And it'd be pretty easy for you to ask them what their favorite movies are, or whether or not they enjoy playing Scrabble, or reading Dostoevsky, or what color hankies they'd be flagging on what side at which bar on alternate Tuesdays? (Ahem.) I could theoretically ask my friends all those questions -- and I do, if I'm curious -- but I still get a certain joy out of Internet stalking people who are already near-and-dear to my heart.

Peoples' blogs and profiles inevitably teach me things about them that I didn't know otherwise. Even if what I learn is as simple as: "Well, I already knew she was cool, but now I know that she likes 'The Wuggie Norple Story' [obscure children's book illustrated by Tommy DePaola featuring a family of hippies and gargantuan pet animals, all with names like Papercup Mixmaster and King Waffle] as much as I do." I mean, geeky joy over obscure childhood relics is a pretty cool thing to share with a friend, no?

And sometimes peoples' profiles just remind me that a certain friend has a quick wit, or the best, pithiest way to put things. I found this gem of a blog title tonight from my friend Jordan (nicknamed Fluffy) who blogs over at zenlari:
The Fluffy Rants: Raising the Portland Queer People of Color Count to a Whopping Five.

I laughed for a good, solid five minutes upon reading that, I did.

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Now that I've signed up for Facebook for TBP, I've been looking at some of my local friend's profiles. The other day I found a sweet woman I love and know from activism. She's about as Pollyanna as humanly possible. She'd just joined a group called "Wicked Women." Curious, I clicked the group to see what it was about - after all, I couldn't imagine her as "Wicked."

It was for the musical "Wicked." I was soooo disappointed. :)