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"There Goes A Window"

Filed By Steve Ralls | August 12, 2007 3:32 PM | comments

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Whatever happened to the right-wing's commitment to "love thy neighbor?"

Just moments after he reiterated his support for same-sex marriage during the recent LOGO presidential forum, a window at the headquarters of Congressman Dennis Kucinich was smashed. According to the news report, "The incident happened shortly after Kucinich's forthright statements supporting gay marriage during a Thursday night televised debate on issues relevant to the gay community. There was no note or phoned threat. Campaign staffers discovered the shattered glass as they arrived for work Friday morning. They speculated there might be a connection between the vandalism and the Congressman's pro-gay marriage comments."

The property's landlord told reporters that, as soon as he heard Kucinich endorse marriage rights for all, he turned to his wife and said "There goes a window."

Apparently, Congressman Kucinich has far greater respect for the ideal of "love thy neighbor" than the homophobes who oppose his candidacy. Loving your neighbor, certainly, should include respecting their right to love their partners, to go to work without facing harassment and discrimination, and to serve their country and protect their neighbors.

The attack on Kucinich's headquarters was too reminiscent of the hateful attacks of the 1950s in America's southern states.

Is this really all that different from the incidents of African American children going to school in the days immediately following de-segregation? Or the scenes of police officers hosing down civil rights protesters in the south? Or is it recycled hatred thrown toward a new group of law-abiding citizens and those who support them?

On this morning's Meet the Press, Margaret Carlson, who moderated Thursday's LOGO forum, predicted that LGBT issues wouldn't be as divisive and controversial in 2008 as they were in 2004. I hope she's right, but the attack on Kucinich's offices provides a flashback to 2004 and 1954 for those of us who believe in fighting for civil rights.

America has not embraced loving its neighbors fully enough.

Fortunately for us, Congressman Kucinich is unlikely to be fazed by the attack on his campaign. But what does it say about the United States, civil political discourse and how middle America sees us when, for just uttering the belief that everyone should be treated equally, our neighbors can eerily predict that, "There goes a window?"

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Maybe some anarcho-punx got the address wrong and mistook his headquarters for a military recruitment center?