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  • Rep. Tammy Baldwin answers questions about her endorsement of Hillary Clinton:

    Some people will say, "Well, she was first lady," but she clearly redefined the role and was actively involved in shaping policy. So she has that experience, combined with her experience now in the Senate. I think the experience factor is one of the things that really separates her from most of the rest of the pack. And then her commitment to health care issues is so sincere and so long-standing. Those two factors were of enormous influence for me. Making history with our next president is an added bonus.

  • John Corvino explores anal sex (as a concept, silly!):

    What—so “bottom” is the default setting now? As the saying goes: “If he says he’s a top, he’s versatile. If he says he’s versatile, he’s a bottom. If he says he’s a bottom, he’s honest.”

    So why not just say that men who don’t identify with either category are “versatile”? The answer is simple: because it ain’t so. As one similarly oriented friend put it, “Versatile? Hell no. I’m a total bore.”

  • Eddie Shapiro reviews OutFest 2007:

    So how did this year’s films rank? Like those of most years, they were a mixed bag of transcendent cinema, ambitious attempts, and some downright disasters. But where else can you see a lesbian love story, a Dreamgirls sing-a-long, and an Israeli Romeo and, well, Romeo?

  • Peter Rothberg covers the Blogging while Female panel at YearlyKos:

    The ensuing conversation cut to the heart of critical issues facing users (and abusers) of the Internet, especially, but not only, women. It was also funny, entertaining, inspiring and, most importantly, intent on continuing to build on the strong foundation these pioneers have laid for the coming generation of female political bloggers.

  • Jim Burroway reports ex-gay-for-pay Alan Chambers's non-claim to heterosexuality (Chambers quoted here):

    And I’m going to shatter your world here: heterosexuality shouldn’t be your number one goal. Whether that’s for yourself or for your kid or for your loved one or your friend or your family member. Heterosexuality shouldn’t have been my number one goal. The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality. It’s holiness.

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