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I didn't cover the news of Alberto Gonzales's resignation yesterday since it wasn't specifically LGBT related (although, as Alex would remind us, just about anything is a queer issue!). We cover national politics quite a bit though, so today I figured I'd put something up along the lines of "See ya. Bye. Bye." But then my good friend Doug tipped me to this critique of Gonzales by Andrew Cohen. Cohen nails it. Go read.

By any reasonable standard, the Gonzales Era at the Justice Department is void of almost all redemptive qualities. He brought shame and disgrace to the Department because of his lack of independent judgment on some of the most vital legal issues of our time. And he brought chaos and confusion to the department because of his lack of respectable leadership over a cabinet-level department among the most important in the nation.

He neither served the longstanding role as "the people's attorney" nor fully met and tamed his duties and responsibilities to the Constitution. He was a man who got the job not because he was supremely qualified or notably well-respected among the leading legal lights of our time, but because he had faithfully and with blind obedience served President George W. Bush for years in Texas (where he botched clemency memos in death penalty cases) and then as White House counsel (where he botched the nation's legal policy on torture).

For an administration known for its cronyism, and alas for an alarmingly incompetent group of cronies, Gonzales was the granddaddy of them all. He lacked the integrity, the intellect and the independence to perform his duties in a manner befitting the job for which he was chosen.

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I am so happy he's gone. It took damn long for him to go. But I won't be surprised if if turns up for work tomorrow, because he doesn't recall resigning. He clearly has a severe memory problem.

Now, if only everyone else in the Bush Administration would resign ...