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Airport prosecutor wants Larry Craig guilty plea to stick

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 25, 2007 1:00 PM | comments

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Not as if that's much of a surprise. The prosecutor assigned to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, Christopher Renz, has responded to Larry Craig petition to retract his guilty plea, saying that he "had hoped that he could plead guilty and that the plea would not be discovered by the media or public. The defendant chose to plead guilty and consciously took that risk. The defendant's current pursuit of withdrawal of his guilty plea is reactionary, calculated and political."

Ummm, so? Renz is right; politics is the reason Craig wants to withdraw his plea. But politics is the reason he was charged in the first place, so your charge lives by the political manouvering and it dies by political manouvering.

That's the whole reason these people are charged before they even do anything illegal with vague charges like "disturbing the peace" is purely political - maybe the cops can trump up the numbers of people being prosecuted for sex crimes or crimes in general so they can either have fun or seem like big men in the public's eye. And Renz specifically has gone all political here - why else would he write up a 41-page brief in response to a misdemeanor charge? Maybe it's because the Craig case is specifically politically charged, both when it comes to local law enforcement internal politics and national politics?

The AP provides this gem:

Renz warned of a "deluge" of defendants who would ask to withdraw guilty pleas if Craig succeeds.

We could only be so lucky

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