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An Indy peek at Larry Craig

Filed By Don Sherfick | September 05, 2007 4:45 PM | comments

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Across from the editorial page of this morning's Indianapolis Star is a great piece by its regular columnist (and chief resident liberal, which makes him the Right's primary target) Dan Carpenter, who delves into the Larry Craig episode in a Minneapolis airport restroom and its relationship to the impact of homophobia in American society. I can't begin do justice to it with one excerpted quote, but here's one. Imagining a world where nobody felt compelled to be in the closet, Carpenter speculates:

"Lives wouldn't be ruined by meetings between adults in restrooms because they could meet in restaurants...In such a world, Larry Craig could be a gay gasbag shilling for the gun lobby and timber industry or a straight one, and we would praise or denounce him soley based on our orientation toward guns and trees."

Well said. You can read Dan's entire piece here.

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Michael Bedwell | September 5, 2007 8:20 PM

Rather good and as indicative as anything of how much the Star has changed under his current owners.

However, perhaps Carpenter is aware of incidents that I don't recall involving exposure of Roy Cohn and Terry Dolan. To the best of my knowledge both went to their graves publicly denying their homosexuality despite dying of AIDS.

For those unfamiliar with the latter, Terry Dolan was the publicly closeted gay Repug responsible for, among other things, ending the Senate career of Birch Bayh, Evan's father.

Dan Carpenter has been at the Star for a good while now. I think he predates Gannett's buyout.

And he's one of the best columnists there. He and Sheila Kennedy (a Project Contributor) are the two most popular "liberal" columnists.