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It's time for another Bilerico Project contest! This time we'll be giving away two pairs of tickets to see the movie Inlaws & Outlaws. The Interfaith Coalition on Nondiscrimination (ICON) has generously donated the tickets especially for Bilerico Project readers. Each winner will get two tickets to the September 18th showing of the movie in Indianapolis. Click here to watch the trailer on the ICON site.

(As a side note, you might remember that I accepted the Indiana Family Institute's Director of Public Policy, Ryan McCann's, challenge to attend Love Won Out - the ex-gay conference - when it rolls into Indianapolis in November. To keep things fair, I invited Ryan to attend a screening of Inlaws & Outlaws with me in October. He has accepted.)

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment. I'll randomly choose two comments to win a pair of tickets to the showing. Contest closes Friday night at midnight. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!

Info about the movie after the jump.

Directly from ICON:

The Interfaith Coalition on Nondiscrimination (ICON) is partnering with the film Inlaws & Outlaws to raise awareness of the importance of GLBT family recognition. This new film will be shown on September 18th, 2007 at The Church Within. Tickets are $10, and can be purchased in advance at the information desk in the lobby. All proceeds benefit ICON.

In a continued effort to change the hearts and minds of people of faith in Indiana, ICON and its coalition member organizations are co-sponsoring screening events of Inlaws & Outlaws throughout Indiana.

As the gay marriage debate rages on, this new film by Drew Emery goes beyond the rhetoric and straight to the heart. Whether loving inside or outside of marriage, struggling to get in or suing to get out, we follow the lives of ordinary folks as they figure out their own path to happily ever after — with more than a few surprises along the way.

Neatly side-stepping the red/blue divide, the film starts with a simple premise: whether you’re gay or straight, everyone has a relationship with marriage. When the film begins, you don’t know who’s gay or straight, and who’s with whom. But by cleverly weaving the various threads into a collective narrative, by the end of the film, you’ve got it all figured out, but you no longer care who’s gay or isn’t, and you’re rooting for everyone.

Honest, irreverent and compelling, Inlaws & Outlaws takes one of our time’s most divisive topics and turns it into the feel-good movie that’s as charming as it is irresistible.

Here’s what the critics are saying…

“Captures the heart of love…” John Hartl, The Seattle Times

“Lovingly rendered… a timely examination of the nature of marriage, whether straight or gay.” Ken Eisner, Variety

“Excellent. Intelligently done… it’s impossible not be completely absorbed.” Herb Krohn, SGN

“An excellent documentary about people who personify everything that is right about the phrase "I do." NewsOK, Oklahoma City

“A timely, often affecting documentary [that] investigates with subtlety and insight… a heartfelt and surprisingly tender story…” Jason Gargano, Cincinnati City Beat

“An effective treatise on love… honest and heartfelt. What will strike you the most about what all of them have to say about love is telling: If you didn’t know which interviewees were straight and which were gay, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, so uniform were their feelings on the nature of love, companionship and marriage.” Michael C. Moore, Kitsap Sun

People who have seen this movie say that everyone needs to see it—not just the GLBT community. The GLBT community knows movie because they live it. For this project to change the hearts and minds of Hoosiers, we need our family, friends, neighbors, bosses, co-workers, the people we interact with everyday to see this important film.

Stop and think for a moment of those you know who may be ready to be influenced regarding what they think of GLBT relationships and then get them to come to this event with you. Your invitation may change their lives.

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I'm game, since no one has left a comment yet. Don't tell me I'm not eligible and make me get a new email account just for this!

Don't pick me I can't travel to Indy, or anywhere else for that matter, for several weeks.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] Consider yourself not picked, Lynn. *grins* -Bil

1. I've been reading Bilerico for 2 months now and I am obsessed. Thanks for helping to get my brain rolling every morning :D
2. Don't pick my name for the free tickets... I'd so do the 10 hour drive but I've got classes that day :(
3. Ok, so since I can't make it to Indianapolis, do you know if Inlaws & Outlaws will be showing anywhere else? I am absolutely driven to see this movie.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] Thanks for the compliment, Jocelyn. Consider yourself not picked too! *grins* I know there are three showings of the movie in Indiana during October, but if you're 10 hours away I'm thinking you're not in the Hoosier state. :) Check out their website to see if others are showing it closer to you - or write the filmmaker. His e-mail address is below.

Hello there!

That's really excellent that you persuaded Ryan McCann to come to the screening of "Inlaws & Outlaws". I'm the filmmaker. PLEASE let us know how it all turns out! That should prove very interesting.

Great site!

Drew Emery

drew (at) inlawsandoutlawsfilm dot com

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] Thanks for stopping by Drew! I'll be sure to provide a full account. -Bil

Where is the Church within anyway??

By the way.. the film is so good, its worth seeing twice.. :-)