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Doug Giles has Restless Fist Syndrome

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 05, 2007 12:49 PM | comments

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One of the most popular conservative hate sites on the internet just posted a column by Doug Giles, a Christian minister and author, where he talks about just what he'd do in response to being cruised:

If someone tried to rub my foot and give me elaborate Boy George hand signals while I'm bilging in the stall next door, I would:

A). crush his metatarsals like Queen Latifah on a live cockroach,

B). drain my bladder in the shoe housing his newly-crushed foot,

C). proceed to stuff his balding head in the toilet he was using, and...

D). call the cops to haul his near-drowned, lesson-learned, badly-beaten body to the nearest police department.

I know, what a Christian response. Then again, this pretty much summarizes what the Religious Right movement has become and always was - a chance for some people to prove their endangered masculinity by beating up on the queers.

The rest of the article keeps on describing Larry Craig as part of the "gay community" and Giles even drew a little picture of Craig in an open shirt and cravat (don't follow the link unless you want to see this disturbing image - if I saw one of my junior high kids drawing something like that back when I was teaching, I'd have called the school counselor).

Some other interesting passages:

Seriously folks, why can't anyone just say that they're guilty and deserve whatever whipping comes their way when they're caught red-handed doing stupid, stupid stuff?

Because once someone's guilty of whatever, they deserve anything and everything that people can dream up to punish them.

But here's a little glimpse into Giles's "Christianity":

To heck with public opinion and what people will think. Focus rather on the inevitable mano-a-mano that you will one day have with God (and He can't be buffaloed).

Because God actually fistfights people when they die.

But I guess that's what Big Men like this need to think. I mean, seriously, when his top three interests are "cigars, big game hunting and fishing for monster sharks", you'd think he'd have something better to do than beat up on gays. Then again, nothing proves you're a real man like some fag-bashing. Right, Tucker?

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Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | September 5, 2007 5:48 PM

I'm actually at a loss for words to express how disturbing I find this. I was alive in the dark ages of the 1950's, before the Civil Rights Movement, second wave feminism, and gay rights. And as dark as that age was, I don't know that people then would have accepted a public figure making such graphic, violent threats. Or maybe they would have. But then, that would be a measure of how far the US has regressed.

OMG This story is horrifying, Alex. How in the world did you find this? I'm appalled. Maybe this guy is one of the Mayor Naugle's new paramilitary minister bodyguards.

Veritas Rex has commented on your post, Alex, per Bil's suggestion.