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Gay across the USA… Pt.1

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What happens when you take a young gay man with a faux-hawk, who has lived most of his life in cities and communities that are “gay-friendly”, and stick him in a u-haul going from Idaho to Kentucky? Let’s find out together! It is an experience that promises to be filled with both heart-warming moments and drama, or it may just end in a familial murder/suicide.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMy older sister recently asked me to fly out to her log cabin (seriously) in Idaho to help her and her family move across the country. She lives in Coeur d'Alene, which some of you may know as a home base for the Klu Klux Klan. Not exactly someplace where you’d expect to find a somewhat militant gay activist… This should be interesting, right?

I am writing this blog from a small motel room in Coeur d'Alene (thank goodness for wireless access). I arrived here yesterday, after a long flight from Fort Lauderdale. The first thing that struck me on this trip was my attitude in the airport. I found myself nervous to be in the restroom. I kept expecting some undercover cop to tap his foot at me or for some angry straight man to beat me up for looking too gay. Odd how current news, like the Mayor Naugle brouhaha or the Larry Craig incident, can change your personal comfort level.

After making it safely to Idaho, I felt like I was the big city mouse in the country. I felt myself automatically trying to “butch it up” so as not to arouse suspicion or confrontation. Not like I could ever pass as an “undercover gay”, but I just started acting different without even realizing it. I would lower my voice or watch my hand gestures, trying to “pass.” This was going to truly be an eye-opening experience for me…

So that has led us to this hotel, where their big selling point is a peanut-butter and jelly bar open in the lobby until 2am. Tomorrow is a big day and the start of our actual road-trip. I started off thinking this would be interesting because of people’s reactions to me, but now I see that what is truly eye-opening is my own reaction to being outside of my gay-bubble. Hopefully the next place we stop at has wi-fi so I can update everyone, but one never knows…

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Isn't Coeur d'Alene rather a foreign sounding name for a city in America? How does the KKK rationalize that, I wonder?

Good luck with the trip - call or visit if you make it through Indy!

I believe rational and KKK are two words that don't ever go together in the same sentence. As for the name, I always picture George Bush trying to pronounce it, then just deciding to bomb the town because it sounds too french, saying, "We'll call it Freedom City..."

That's a beautiful part of the country, Waymon. I'm jealous!

Have fun....

Since the town has a French name, I wonder if the Klansman in the area use 1200 thread count in their robes?

Just saying...