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Homotextual: Ann Woolner

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"Assume that an undercover officer's claims about his encounter with Sen. Larry Craig in an airport men's room are true: Craig was asking for sex. What we would have is an adult propositioning another adult. If that is a crime, then an entire industry of singles bars across the nation should be raided. If Craig can be booked, then haul off the thousands of men across America who routinely hurl lascivious suggestions at women who happen to cross their lines of sight."
-- Bloomberg News columnist Ann Woolner in her article "So What If He Did?"

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This is an excellent column that I heartily agree with. The double standards in this case are simply overwhelming. Maybe we should start a tagline here at TBP: "What about Vitter?"

Are you kidding? This wasn't just an adult propositioning another adult. This happened in a RESTROOM. Let's say you're a straight man (or even a gay man just trying to do his business in the bathroom). How would you feel about the guy next to you rubbing his foot against your foot underneath the stall? Or running his hand underneath the stall divider? Ms. Woolner seems to ignore the fact that people have an expectation of privacy while in a restroom STALL. It absolutely should be against the law to do something like that. I realize that in this case the "victim" was a police officer, but what if he wasn't?

Sure, if Senator Craig wanted to proposition a guy at the sink after they had both done their business, fine. No problem. This isn't about being gay, it's about privacy. And Senator Craig absolutely did do something wrong.