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Homotextual: Kurt Luidhart

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"Many of our opponents, particularly homosexuals, believe that we are "hate groups", motivated only by the kind of hatred that motivated slave owners and the KKK. Mr. Blaze referred to Townhall.com (in his Gile's post) as "one of the biggest conservative hate sites" on the internet. To Mr. Blaze and others, by opposing his "right to marry" and by saying that homosexuality is a sin, we attack him in an area so core to his being that it is difficult not to be angry. I understand his response and I don't know that I would respond much differently if I were in his shoes.

"Because of this difficulty, it is difficult not to lose ground with the very people we hope to help. When Fred Phelps or Doug Giles advocate violence against homosexuals, it makes our efforts much harder. They've crossed the line from disapproval to hate and have become just what some of our opponents think of us."
-- Indiana Family Institute blogger Kurt Luidhart responding to a post by TBP content editor Alex Blaze. Feel free to visit their blog, Veritas Rex, and thank him for condemning violence against our community.

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When Fred Phelps or Doug Giles advocate violence against homosexuals, it makes our efforts much harder.

BOO HOO! Poor babies! It's so hard to be taken seriously as a hate group when there are other ones out there who say even meaner things! And the worst part of it all is that it makes their form of violence all that much harder to implement! I'm going to go cry and cry and cry for them!

Ugh. Maybe I would post on this if it weren't so damn asinine. If they want to condemn violence against "our community", they could support education about LGBT issues on the job and in schools, hate crimes legislation that recognizes the violence of such crimes against communities at large, and condemn the practices of abusive "ex-gay" groups.

Oh, wait, what's that? They want to "help" us? Good Lord, Maries! We've finally found someone to save us from our sinful ways! Because one man's call for violence is another man's impediment to... even more violence!

Ummmm... I'm not going to go thank him.

Oh, yeah, and I don't understand why "right to marry" is in quotation marks just after an actual quotation from me. Sorta implies that I said it, although I'm sure it's just the normal fundie Quotation Marks of Derision. It's like "they" can't say "things" without "them" for fear "of" people "actually" being confused "about what" they "believe".

But it does make it seem like I said, "right to marry", which I didn't, and I doubt I've ever used that phrase on this site. I don't generally like rights-speak.