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Your queer weekend reader and Project highlights from this week. Tell us about anything interesting you've read and blogwhore away in the comments.

  • Stephanie Mencimer argues the first Amendment defense for Larry Craig:

    Many of the old prosecutions were based on sodomy laws, on the grounds that a man who makes a pass at a man is soliciting an illegal act, regardless of where it's performed. But consensual gay sex isn't illegal anymore, thanks to the 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas (though places like Virginia are still trying their best to ignore the decision). Though consensual gay sex may now be legal, asking for it, in most states, still isn't. No high court in the land has yet declared that gay and lesbian citizens have the constitutional right to make a pass.

  • Andrew Belosky explains how cruising scandals can change our understanding of sexuality:

    Our carnal comprehension comes from the laboratory, not the bedroom or the battle field. For years newspapers and medical papers referred to gays as "homosexuals". Jim Naugle aside, the term's fallen out of politically correct behavior. It's archaic, yes, but still speaks volumes about how Americans - and other Western nationals - deal with men who have sex with men.

  • Robert Reich points out the irony of big sales on Labor Day:

    Now fewer than 8 percent of America's private sector workers are in unions, median wage gains have fallen far behind productivity gains, and for most of us Labor Day means a long weekend.

    What happened? Some say it started in the early 80s after Ronald Reagan fired the nation's air-traffic controllers for striking -- something they had no legal right to do -- and thereby legitimized a wave of corporate union busting. Others blame it on a more pervasive "greed is good" aggressiveness that engulfed corporate suites starting right about then.

  • Miss Information tells you how to stalk your ex:

    It's all right to wonder, just like the Mister Rogers song says. Just don't let it rule you. MySpace and Facebook stalking are acceptable. Not as acceptable would be joining a gay personals service and posing as sexybruce_4432 just to see if he responds.

  • Gary Greenberg discusses sexual fluidity:

    But as crucial as this consensus has been to the struggle for gay rights, it may not be as sound as some might wish. While scientists have found intriguing biological differences between gay and straight people, the evidence so far stops well short of proving that we are born with a sexual orientation that we will have for life. Even more important, some research shows that sexual orientation is more fluid than we have come to think, that people, especially women, can and do move across customary sexual orientation boundaries, that there are ex-straights as well as ex-gays.

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