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  • bp_gaypassion.jpgThe Advocate celebrates its 40th anniversary by looking back:

    The Advocate's original editor-publisher had an unlikely background for founding the first effective national gay newspaper: He edited a chemical trade journal.

    One night in 1966, Dick Michaels, a Ph.D in chemistry, went out with his lover, Bill Rand, to the Red Raven on Melrose Avenue. Though they had entered the bar only moments before the police did, they were caught in a raid, and Rand was charged with giving blow jobs on the dance floor. That night, Michaels became a gay rights activist.

  • Kenneth Hill sets his queersights on sissy-phobia:

    Is this what we're fighting for? The right to act straight? To only be portrayed in the media as straight-acting doctors and lawyers, not, God forbid, the fabulously talented florists and designers and artists that many of us are? And what of the gay-acting doctors? Gee, and here I thought we were fighting for the right just to be ourselves.

  • Keith Boykin asks why the kidnapping and torture of Megan Williams isn't being charged as a hate crime:

    Some have questioned whether race was an issue here and point to the victim's previous relationship with one of the suspects. But Logan County Prosecutor Brian Abraham described the case differently. "There is no doubt, from what I've seen, that race was a contributing factor," he said. "Whether it was the sole motivating factor or a motivating factor, I want to wait until we get all the evidence in to this office before I make that determination."

  • Jasmyne Cannick takes on Ja Rule's misogyny and homophobia:

    However, that doesn’t mitigate the fact that Ja calling women b---hes and h--s in his rap songs is contributing to the destruction of the Black race. Because not only are his lyrics being heard by Black children who then by virtue of the song’s popularity began to use those same words when referring to women, but he’s also holding the same door open that Don Imus stepped through. Ja Rule and rappers like him that condone the use of derogatory terms to refer to women, in particular Black women, are telling not only Black America that it’s okay to use those words but they’re also giving the okay to people of other races to use the same language when referring to Black women.

  • Manontheside pontificates the finer points of dating poz men as someone who's seronegative:

    At the root of my reasoning is this: It seems to me that most arguments against dating people with HIV involve its sexual inconveniences. Yet if I am truly committed to following the beating of my heart in my search for The One, I have to distance myself not only from the cerebral rulers of my life, but also from any insistent impulses below my belt. I need to believe in and desire the metaphysical manifestation of attraction, the pleasure of connection rather than erection. Indeed, given this mindset, it makes sense to even refigure my statement: Why say I’m opening up my dating pool to HIV-positive men when I haven’t really closed it to them?

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