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Richardson at SEIU - Two things

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Hey, at the big SIEU presidential forum last night, we got a shout-out from Bill! From Dana Goldstein:

And he even mentions LGBT rights. "When I'm elected president, there will not be discrimination based on sexual orientation." Richardson closes with a joke about naming one of the other "great candidates" in the primary his vice president.

Nice promise, I guess, but overstretching just a little. Maybe some context would clear that up (I can't find a transcript). Oh, and here's another nice gaffe (proving that it's not just us). From TPM Election Central:

It seems Bill Richardson has no shortage of gaffes. Addressing SEIU today, Richardson thanked them for their applause: "Thank you, AFSCME!"

That's right, Richardson named the wrong union. And it gets worse. SEIU, unfortunately, is an organizational rival to AFSCME in many states, and SEIU's audience responded to Richardson's opening line by shouting, "S-E-I-U!"

Wouldn't it have been darling if Richardson had thanked the Task Force for having him at the HRC/Logo debate? I would have loved that.

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Confusion must be Richardson's middle name since he gets soooo many things wrong. I understand the union members being pissed, but I'm pissed he either believes any President has the power to outlaw discrimination beyond federal agencies alone or that he thinks by just making such promises he can fool LGBT voters in believing a President can.

And has he finally taken responsibility for using the Spanish equivalent of faggot? Or is he still claiming that he's the only Spanish speaker on the face of the earth who didn't realize maricon is a vicious slur? And then there's that little thing of his refusing to say whether or not he would sign a theoretical PASSED state marriage equality bill as governor of New Mexico. Guess he's waiting to be President.