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We ain't got no stinkin' gays; We ain't got no stinkin' transcripts neither

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While the world got a good laugh at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's idiotic comment about gays and lesbians at Columbia University this week, he's apparently not willing to share the chuckles with his own people. The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) took a look at the Iranian leader's official website and while it provides a "full transcript" of his speech and the resulting Q&A, they've noticed that it isn't quite complete. What's missing? The part where he talks about our community and gets laughed at.

I guess I understand why he'd want that part hidden away. Being scorned is never easy on the ego. Plus, it wouldn't do to have Persian gays and lesbians standing up and saying, "You're full of crap! I do exist!" (Or he could check our archives for our interview with an Iranian lesbian!) But, c'mon... Of course they "don't have any" gays or lesbians in Iran. After all, when they find out you're gay, they hang you. Problem solved. Would you be eager to come out?

Two gay teenagers hanging in Iran
"No one getting ready to die today? Well, then we don't have any gays today. Thank you. Come again."

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It's a double bind, really, whether it happens in Iran or the US, that we gays are the biggest threat ever and must be punished but we also don't exist at all.

That's pretty much the idea behind the ex-gay movement, now isn't it?

It's also interesting how conservatives are spinning this story into a "Gays should support the Iraq War and an Iran invasion, too!" There's just too much wrong with that statement.

Above and beyond all the yelling, hand-wringing and protesting - the laughing ridicule Ahmadinejad recieved at Columbia over this response, I believe was the most wounding.

He can probably handle boos and hisses, but abject laughter is the worst.