October 19, 2007

Queer music Friday - John Cage

Filed by Alex Blaze | October 19, 2007 | 5:00 PM | comments

Here's John Cage's most famous piece, 4'33": And Cage, in his own words, on being open with his wife about his man-lovin' affairs: I didn't conceal anything so that even though the marriage didn't work any better than it did,...Read More

Enough with the Hillary Already!

Filed by Dustin Kight | October 19, 2007 | 3:00 PM | comments

"Her husband let us down, she won't support marriage equality, but still we can't stop dreaming about Hillary." Okay, what gives? If I see one more gay (particularly gay male) throw down a red carpet and put up a shrine...Read More

Um, Mayor? This is civil discourse calling...

Filed by Bil Browning | October 19, 2007 | 2:30 PM | comments

Collect, apparently. Riverdale, Georgia City Councilor Michelle Bruce is transgender and she's up for re-election. Anyone want to guess how the politics of transphobia are playing out? A local blog that panders to the lowest common denominator (c'mon, you know...Read More

WTB: Beyonce Calls Me?!

Filed by Michael Buckley | October 19, 2007 | 12:48 PM | comments

SKANK EDITION - Tan, Dead & Stupid! I love Beyonce! I am so on that phone! LOL Heather Mills- "greedy little bitch"! Lindsay Lohan- Tanning is Expensive bitch! Anna Nicole- sorry you surrounded yourself with these A-holes! Tara Reid-...Read More

Barney Frank: Amend ENDA

Filed by Michael Crawford | October 19, 2007 | 12:00 PM | comments

Rep. Barney Frank issued the following statement urging his congressional colleagues to support an amendment by Rep. Tammy Baldwin to add gender identity to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. A sexual orientation only version of ENDA was passed by the House...Read More

Homosexuality 101

Filed by Michele O'Mara | October 19, 2007 | 11:18 AM | comments

What is sexual orientation? This is the word used to describe a person’s romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to another person. A person who is attracted to another of the same sex is said to have a homosexual orientation, commonly...Read More

Charles Manson should have had Barbara Bush for a mother.

Filed by Storm Bear | October 19, 2007 | 8:50 AM | comments

click to enlarge I understand a lot of people associate George W. Bush with the Nazi's. Prescott Bush's Nazi profiteering doesn't help to disassociate that notion. Bush has committed unspeakable war crimes, utterly destroyed the foundations for freedom in...Read More

Straight Seduction

Filed by Fannie Fierce | October 19, 2007 | 8:26 AM | comments

Dear Fannie, I’m a 23 year old heterosexual man, I have a lot of gay friends and I’m not bothered by it at all. I’m open minded and all, but a lot of my gay friends hit on me. Now...Read More

Anti-Gays: Protecting Gay Kids Worse Than Nazi Furnaces

Filed by Michael Crawford | October 19, 2007 | 8:14 AM | comments

In yet another sign of how Christianity is being used by anti-gay extremists to justify their homo-hatred, Watchmen on the Walls compares a new California law protecting LGBT kids to the Nazi furnaces used to kill millions of Jews during...Read More

Hate Crimes: The Domestic Terror Threat

Filed by Waymon Hudson | October 19, 2007 | 8:00 AM | comments

We live in a society and under an administration that is ruled by fear of terrorism. We hear it all the time: “Everything changed on 9-11.” We have threat levels depicting how scared we should be and telling us where...Read More

YGST: Disco

Filed by Alex Blaze | October 19, 2007 | 7:25 AM | comments

Did you ever wonder what it'd be like if Snuffy put on a glittery cap and took Big Bird to a disco to dance to Sister Sledge? Well, wonder no more. This is the Sesame Street bit you only...Read More


Homotextual: Doug Ireland

Filed by Ed Team | October 19, 2007 | 7:09 AM | comments

"Gay liberation made coming out - the most radical act in a homophobic society - not only the basis of mental and emotional health for gay people, but the imperative for creating the political movement that could carry through the...Read More