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More disrespect from the Religious Right

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Eugene at Ex-gay Watch points out the new Exodus Youth initiative: Allies, Too. Its mission statement talks about tolerance and respect in 10 different ways, but it takes about two seconds to notice that this organization is about anything but.

Obviously, they don't care about tolerance and respect since they're an arm of Exodus, which is just a facade put out by the Religious Right to provide them cover when they're out to materially hurt LGBT people. It's not discrimination and bigotry if we choose to be queer, right? Or so their reasoning goes....

In other words, they can't wash away disrespect from their organization with a few words when the entire premise of that organization is disrespect.

But besides that, they've chosen the week of November fifth to be the week of Allies, Too, several weeks after GLSEN's Ally Week. Oh, snap!

Eugene also points out that for all their talk about tolerant dialogue, they don't provide any information about how to have a respectful dialogue with others. Their resource guide does direct the kids to Nazi fan Paul Cameron's organization, NARTH. It also erases queer Christians completely when it posits itself as the way to get LGBT people back to Christ and how it says that Christian students "oppose homosexuality".

At least they acknowledge that people aren't sitting around choosing to whom they attracted like they'd choose grape over strawberry jam:

4. We believe that a homosexual, bisexual or transgender identity and/or behavior are outside of the intentional design of human relationships and sexuality, and therefore aren’t what’s best for us, regardless of whether we are drawn to them.

But in the end, it's just another shot in their make-believe war to save America from the Homosexual Menace. It's funny for a few minutes, but then you realize that someone put a good couple of days into putting together their website and their materials just so that they could disrespect an entire groups of people they don't know. Eugene says:

Will Allies, Too work to educate Christians on how to treat others with dignity and respect, or will it and Exodus continue to stand by as their allies portray “unrepentant” gays as abominations, pedophiles, destroyers of families everywhere or just plain stupid?

Will Allies, Too speak up when Exodus leaders side with anti-gay extremists? Will it correct its political allies when they use false statistics and twisted or distorted research?

Given the religious right’s history of demanding respect without showing any to its opponents, Allies, Too will hopefully be understanding of the skepticism it’s bound to encounter.

But I think that we're beyond skepticism here. I just wish these groups weren't so transparent about what they were doing - we could have a little more fun with them then.

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As you say, if they boil it down to a choice than they can paint this as bad judgement instead of just part of life.

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | October 23, 2007 8:47 PM

Allies, Too? or
Future Foes of Future Dos Equis?
Temporary Family Truce-keepers?
whatever --
Self-Loathing Liars and the Liars They Lie To?
The Closest Factory?
Passers' Posse?
Once and Future Fashion Challenged
Egyptian Fag Hags (aka Fag Hags In Denial)
kkk (as opposed to the KKK)