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Anti-Everyone Flier Hits Miami Beach Commission Race

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A flier depicting crossed-out images of a blond woman, a pink Teletubby and a dark-skinned doll hit Miami Beach, Florida mailboxes this week. The flier states, “''Stop the candidates that represent special groups of voters. Vote for a candidate that will balance our budget and that looks and talks like YOU and that will represent you with brains on the Miami Beach Commission dais.''

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Although no names are mentioned on the flier, the images are assumed to depict three of the four candidates running for City Commission: Linda Grosz, who is blond, Frank Kruszewski, who is gay, and Elsa Urquiza, who is Hispanic. The forth candidate, Deede Weithorn, denied any involvement in the production and dissemination of the flier, saying, ''Frankly, I think the voters deserve better.''

The group Citizens For a Sound and Balanced Miami Beach take credit for the flier. The group is not registered with the Florida Department of Elections and the Miami Beach mailing address listed on the flier does not exist, according to county property records.

Reactions around Miami Beach ranged from laughing to disbelief. One resident is even quoted as saying, “Blondes, Gays, and Hispanics? That’s all there is in Miami. Why go after them?”

I mean, seriously, “a candidate…that looks and talks like you”? Whoever the “citizens” are behind this, they are about as “sound and balanced” as Fox News. What is up with South Florida lately? When did one of the most diverse communities in the country start turning into a hot-bed for hate? Naugle, marriage amendments, anti-gay fliers… What’s next?

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