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Deny, Deny, Deny - The GOP Weapon Against Gore

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And the GOP Smear Machine wasted no time going after Gore - the first volley shot by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough. "Morning Joe" started with the lies about Gore's use of private jets (fact, Gore uses airlines) and the rest of the show went downhill after that.

The only weapon the GOP has anymore are lies. And it is getting very hard to stand behind those lies when the climate is going to hell all around us. Atlanta only has 12 weeks of water supply left, many parts of the country are experiencing summer weather and most of the Arctic ice pack is gone. Should that be a surprise since the temperatures have hovered near the 70's all summer? Now an adventure to the North Pole takes the same preparation as an April trip to Myrtle Beach - sunblock and a light windbreaker.

Lastly, someone should think about drafting Gore to run for President. Really.

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You have no idea how happy I would be to see a Gore presidency finally. He's the only one that could possibly give Team Hill a run for the money.

The other thing is that America loves a good comeback. And a Gore win for the White House would be the ULTIMATE political comeback in American history.

Hell, I think there must be a book in the Bible that has a similar tale... and Gore didn't have to wander the desert, he just had to teach a semester at Columbia!