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It's Friday so you know what that means! Time to introduce our new contributors! Alex and I agreed at the beginning of the re-launch to aim for 50 contributors by the end of the year and putting a cap on it then. It's starting to look like we may get there early. This week we have 5 new contributors to introduce to our readers.

Here's who you have to look forward to (in alphabetical order):

  • Brynn Craffey - Brynn is an American transgender male who's been transplanted to Ireland. Political blogging and surfing are his passions.

  • Serena Freewomyn - Serena is an anarchist/feminist activist and she ran the G-Spot back when it was a 'zine in 2000 up till it was a blog today. She's also worked with Food not Bombs and worked as the after-school director at the Long Beach, CA, LGBT center till this past year.

  • Kate Kendall - Kate leads the National Center for Lesbian Rights, a national legal organization committed to advancing the civil and human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families through litigation, public policy advocacy, and public education. This will be Kate's personal space and is not reflective of NCLR's work.

  • Dustin Kight - Dustin Kight works for the Family Equality Council (formerly Family Pride) as an organizer, trainer and community builder. He will, of course, be representing himself and not the organization.

  • Eric Leven - Eric is one of a new generation of gay men using new media to agitate, educate and organize. He is, in the words of Joe Jervis, creator of the massively popular blog Joe. My. God. "one of the brightest stars of young gay activism in NYC."

Please make everyone feel comfortable in the neighborhood with a virtual Welcome Wagon. *grins*

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Um...time to lose my composure....

Farkin Aye!

Brynn, you rock! I'm so psyched that you're a contrib! Welcome!

Dustin, it's about time... you comment enough... see where that gets ya?


Serena, Eric, and Kate... You prolly don't know me at all, but HI *big waves* anyway. If you post enough, we'll fix that. :) I'm not only a contributor, I'm a commenter as well. Welcome to TBP family!

oh... wait..Dustin...i may have you mixed up with another commenter....

Dustin Knight? Not sure....

Congrats and welcome to all! This is a great forum to discuss and develop issues close to your heart, so have fun! I look forward to your contributions!

Hey Marti :) My last name is Kight (like Kite) so you haven't confused me, just the spelling of my last name ;)

I'm excited to contribute!

Totally cool! Welcome to the party everyone! :)

Bruce Parker Bruce Parker | October 12, 2007 10:40 PM

Welcome Everyone!!!

Serena, what happened to G-Spot? Is it on hiatus or gone for good? Bruce

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 13, 2007 7:12 AM

Welcome to the party everybody! It gets a little rowdy in here, the drinks are on Bil, so its all good.

I am sure that you will helped to add even more snap, crackle, pop to Bilerico.

If anyone hasn't already, check out the interview that I did with Eric about his fantastic work here:

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | October 13, 2007 1:09 PM

Thanks for the welcome, everyone!!!

I'm honored and really excited to join the Bilierico Project!

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, "Any club that will accept me as a member must indeed be a crazy, wild and wonderful group of people!"