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I promise, no Bangkok jokes

Filed By Bil Browning | October 16, 2007 7:27 AM | comments

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Bangkok Pride 2006. When you hear that trans folk aren't part of our community really, take a gander and see how many of them are walking in the Pride parade - even halfway around the world. (And a lot of those shirtless boys are pretty cute too!)

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Good for Bangkok! Fierce costumes too!

Sexual orientation & gender identity are actually encouraged at young ages in Thailand. Boys who show signs of being gay/trans are allowed to wear their hair a little longer than the standard length permissible in school. It's pretty refreshing to see the level of acceptance there.

What struck me was how queer-male the event looked. It looked like a gay bar parade.

I saw gay men, male transvestites, and M2Fs.

I did not see the "dykes on bikes" or the F2Ms.

I also did not see very many gay men or lesbians that looked like your average person from Thailand.

The event did look joyous and fun though.